“I want to come home Mum”.    I have heard that more than once but the fact of the matter is my daughter was suffering from Akathisia – she said it was like wanting to crawl out of your skin.    Her once perfect placid behaviour changed from the minute she was prescribed Cipralix by her GP and wanted to take herself off this awful drug that brought her face up in sores and caused her so much pain.  Unfortunately at the time I had no idea about these drugs and how dangerous they are and thought it was a good thing as she was due to go to Italy for a chance of a lifetime.   Unfortunately this was a disaster and of course her behaviour brought her into conflict with not just myself but the rest of the family.

To all those people who have distanced themselves from the person they once cared for because of their behaviour I want you to know that it is these drugs that are the cause.   Please read the wonderful book by Dr Ann Blake Tracy called Prozac Panacea Pandora. 

I thought at the time she was going through a bad phase but then I found out some terrible facts and Police were involved –  I cannot say more than this.   I put her behaviour down to this and nothing more but it brought her into conflict with all of the family and soon friends disappeared – her behaviour was unrecognisable.    

I cannot go into every detail obviously but something happened to me and Elizabeth was taken into hospital and she was in a good hospital at the time outside of this area but then they brought her back to the local area and unfortunately the ward was horrendous with rooms the size of cubicles at the time.  There were mixed wards and this brought Elizabeth into contact with some unsavoury characters – although I have to say that most of the people are extremely nice and for anyone who thinks they are just violent criminals or drug takers that is not true.  Many come from very nice backgrounds and have caring families for a start.  However, there are times when the person you care for going through a mental breakdown pushes the family away or blames the family for their position and then along come the teams of psychologists and so called experts.   Instead of coming to visit the family home and taking a real interest they make assumptions – for instance one “expert” has said “an abusive cruel mother”  people who are mentally ill sometimes push away the closest member of family but when confronted by her sister with what had been written in the files that she was hit as a child  Elizabeth was very very angry and said she did not say that.   On this awful medication the teams manipulate patients like putty in their hands – they make out they are doing what the patient wants but before she went into hospital she was more capable of knowing what she was signing for and agreeing to and was in the belief she would be given a drug free period by Professor Murray.  This has not been carried out and he has now distanced himself and works for the outpatients division.   I would never ever have wanted her to go to this hospital if the promise had not been a drug free assessment.  Why promise something when they do not carry things out in accordance with the leading professor.   All they wanted her for is to experiment further and treat her like a human guinea pig whilst she is weak and vulnerable and surrounded by 8 – 9 members of a team in a meeting.  She absolutely dreads going to these meetings large team and a lot of them are just students that come along so this is used for training purposes as well.  This is supposed to be one of the leading and best hospitals in the world but IT IS FAR FROM THAT –  WHEN PATIENT’S HUMAN RIGHTS ARE TAKEN AWAY BY LAW THROUGH THE BULLYING OF CLOSEST RELATIVES TO ENABLE A SECTION 3 TO BE PUT IN PLACE THEN THE LAW NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT AND PSYCHIATRISTS MADE ACCOUNTABLE.

They think they are above the law and it is no wonder they sit there and smile smugly.  There is no protection for a truly vulnerable patient and even the advocates – they have no powers are closely associated with the hospital which makes you wonder if there is 100% true representation of the patients rights and besides if they do not have any powers like all the other organisations what good is this. 

I am sorry with all my heart that Elizabeth is where she is and I am prepared to have her back home.   My life is already being threatened by someone she has associated herself with at local level and this person has threatened me in phone calls and my neighbours were also threatened by this person who was allowed out unescorted on Section 3 locally.  I am truly worried for her life under this hospital and know that this level of experiementation can lead to death when she has been on so much medication and for what –  this consultant psychiatrist has yet to give me proof of the diagnosis  – how can you prove such a thing when there are multiple diagnoses in the files.   How can you properly assess someone without a drug free period as promised by Professor Murray?  How can you come to such a conclusion when the only way is to open up someone’s head – there are no such tests!  It is all based on trial and error and experimentation with various drugs.   Not only are poor animals used in such experiments but the most vulnerable of people who do not have the strength to speak up.   The passing of the safety of these drugs is another huge scam where ghostwriters are employed for instance.  The CCHR and Professor Healy as well as Dr Ann Blake Tracy all highlight this fact – you need to read their books to appreciate the true depth of the deception going on.  The CCHR have done some wonderful videos and so has Dr Ann Blake Tracy but one of the best ones is by the on You Tube “Clozapine or Clozaril”.   

There is one rule locally for Section 3 and I have all this in writing in a letter from the Assistant Director of Adults Social Care who says that patients being informally admitted to hospital and those detaind under the Mental Health ACt 1983 as amended 2007 have a right to be treated with dignity and respect and treated with the least restrictive opltion, which may include authorised periods of unescorted leave frmt he ward and hospital setting.  She then goes on to say she is satisfied that the multidisciplinary team have assessed my daughter and she has capacity to make decisions.   

The team like to say that she has capacity when it suits them.   However there have been times when my daughter has been so badly affected by the drugs given that act like LSD that of course she has NO mental capacity and yet the team say she has.   Why then did the team not allow the family to have Power of Attorney to help her with care etc as she finds it difficult to speak up – and no wonder why on all these drugs.  As for thePower of Attorney despite Elizabeth writting a letter giving consent as she has done for sight of the files several times, the team then turn around and say we cannot give written proof she knows she is doing which is required by my solicitor in order to go forward and apply to the court.    They are not prepared to do this yet they say it in their letter she knows what she is doing.   

What worries me is that now Elizabeth is experiencing heart problems already on Clozapine and so I am going to write a letter to the Consultant Psychiatrist asking her to be taken off this medication.

This is against her wishes to be put on Clozapine and it is horrific what this hospital are doing and the way they are treating the family.  I just want the world to know about it.

I want her back home now until the local team come up with a better solution as she needs to be independent but this hospital is so awful I cannot stand any more to watch my daughter suffer under their apalling drug pushing experimental “care”.  They are truly wicked and evil to do this. 


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