To respond to the shocking research highlighted in the British Journal of Psychiatry you can respond to this article at which is published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

It is truly shocking as they compare reasons for discontinuation of clozapine with reasons for discontinuation of risperidone long-acting injection in age-matched individuals trreated in the same clinical environment.

The Royal Bethlem Hospital SLAM is there for Research and using the most vulnerable people in order to conduct their research against their wishes or often they are too weak to object.  My daughter is such a case.   She told me she had been given a new tablet but did not know what it was and of course when I spoke up on her behalf they would not say anything but kept saying –  it is my daughter’s wish for family not to know but that is not true because she signed no end of declarations and letters – even one on an official form to say that she DID want family to know.  At the end of the day this is manipulation on their part.  I am afraid the solicitor originally appointed to attend a Tribunal I knew nothing about until the last minute seemed to be extremely friendly with the team and was recommended by the team.  Rethink  are also very very closely related to the hospital and are supposed to be independent advocates however having said that the women I have spoken to from Rethink are extremely nice but at the end of the day they have no powers.    

I want the world to know that yesterday I took my daughter out running as I only have between 1 – 2 hrs escorted leave –  Rethink deny this has anything to do with them.  The whole family are so very unhappy with the Royal Bethlem Hospital –  this hospital is abusing my daughter’s human rights as she has hardly any fresh air.  She has never been taken swimming and now just wants to lie down – she has no energy – sometimes in bed at 5 – 6 pm.   What wicked awful evil care at the “Royal” Bethlem Hospital.   How can they call themselves “Royal”.  They do not deserve such a title in my opinion.   I cannot print or publish the above reports due to copyright but I have the links above and have written for permission.

When the nurse told me yesterday that a doctor had been called out to examine my daughter because of her high pulse rate and she complained of heart problems whilst out running I then demanded to know what medication they put her on and this has been covered up in secrecy and my daughter has only just got her details of medication and thought she was on a similar sounding medication to METFORMINE  She was totally unaware of what they had given her in the first instance but feels pressurised by the team.  I know only too well how that feels.  I myself have been bullied and harrassed both at local level – the Claimant being her social worker from the local area.  The safeguarding team solicitor was particularly bullying towards me in the local area on behalf of the Assistant Director of Legal Services London Borough of ENFIELD!  I have all the court papers and am reading them now.  I also have t he witness statement from an Approved Mental Health Professional of the social services authority London Borough of Southwark based at the Maudsley Hospital Denmark Hill London SE5 8AZ.    The Psychiatrist is mentioned applying for a first medical recommendationfor detention under Section 3 MHA on 22.05.12.  Apparently my daughter refused to see him and another doctor and then they got to see her along with 2 nurses.  She remained guarded and suspicious throughout and gave brief and contradictory anwers to questions.  She is so mixed up and chemically brainwashed but the whole family are unhappy with the “care” which amounts to drug pushing at the Maudsley and know that she wants to leave this awful place.  She has texted me without anyone being present and begged for me to get her out.  Now I want her to come home as I hate what I see is going on in the vile place where lots of staff go off sick.   In the court papers she is not being compliant apparently with the team who made no attempt to do what Professor Murray said and take her off the medication in a decent manner.  I have been slated and there is mention of my controlling her money – but just look at what has gone on at local level.   What help has been available to my daughter who is vulnerable –  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  One week she spent all her money and nothing was left for food.  Food was junk food on a regular basis.  What was missing from the scheme was company “noone knocks on my door Mum”  She was lacking in friends as none are in touch any more with her – friends do not understand but I will always be there for my daughter no matter what.   I do not want to control her money – I would like someone like Mind involved or the Quakers.  I want honest decent people to be involved – I do not trust anyone from social services in this respect because they have done NOTHING.  The team have ganged up on me – all of them using the law against me.  They have refused to put in writing their reasons why I have to be escorted but in the court papers they say that there is considerable concern that I am putting my daughter under constant pressure to stop her medication  – This is a complete and utter lie.   I would never ever tell her to stop her medication –  it was my daughter who tried this however I wish for it to be minimal alongside the supplements which her Orthomolecular Psychiatrist had prescribed.  None of the medications have worked and they have given her terrible terrible side effects but whenever she has complained and this has been in front of friends and family the team do absolutely NOTHING.   It was attempted to take her off 50mg of Seroquel but now I know from Dr Tracy that such a reduction is not possible – the only way is by miniscule amounts on a day to day basis over a period of 1 – 2 years.   I am not qualified to do this for my daughter – I wish I was.  There is noone to help me – I know it is HER wish however the team are wrong I have never ever put pressure on her – however she has a right to know how dangerous these drugs are and the Royal Bethlem do not give much away in terms of this.  I have done a lot of research and have provided them with “Prozac Panacea Pandora” by Dr Ann Blake Tracy, Pharmageddon by Professor Healy and the creator of such drugs Dr Candace Pert – Molecules of Emotion.  I have given them research details etc but this hospital do not care they just want to use my daughter to research purposes backed by the local teams of social services and they have all ganged up.   Yesterday my daughter had heart problems whilst out with me – they called a doctor and I demanded to know what the drug was.  I stood there in front of the office until I got told eventually – they did not want me to know but now I have found out –  unknown to my daughter the team at Royal Bethlem under the Consultant Psychiatrist and leading Professors have had their way.  They have put her on Clozapine and I want everyone to know about their own research on this extremely harmful drug.  I think my daughter may also be on something else as well.  They clearly could not care less about human rights and the law of this country is disgusting.  The law fails to protect the most vulnerable of patients like my daughter – like my elderly father at 90 on anti-psychotics, like my younger daughter – just a child on anti-psychotics.   How can these members of staff live with themselves and be happy about the job they do.  I would rather die than do such a job that is killing vulnerable patients like my daughter.

By the way – here is another link for another one of their terrible experiments for everyone to know about :  called Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology.  Melperone in Treatment – Refractory Schizophrenia: a case series.  This is produced by the British Association for Psychopharmacology.  Anyone wanting reprints – http//  also permissions –
http.//  REF  DOI: 10.1177/2045125311399800.  I have looked at these papers and they are truly shocking again Professor David Taylor is involved in this research. 

These patients are not paid volunteers –  they are put on sections and forced to take these drugs against their wishes. 

Please also look at You Tube – just type in  “Clozapine not clozaril”  – a very informative video on this terrible drug that they push at the Royal Bethlem Hospital and then look at the research papers by Professor Taylor – that I have referred to at the top of the page.  
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  1. anonymous said:

    Hello I have to say, you are entirely right that the Independent Mental Health Advocates are a nightmare. The one that came on the ward I was on, spent all his time defending and fraternizing with the ward staff rather than representing the patients wishes to them . It was awful – there he was – taking money off the state to represent us – and all he would do was stick up for the staff . I asked him to please ask the medical team to stop bringing student doctors into my evaluation meetings – but the advocate said to me – this is a teaching hospital and so you will have to accept that medical students will attend your meetings. This was despite the fact, it said in the hospital literature we had the right to ask for students not to take part in our care! Unbelievable. I rang Mind and they confirmed I had the right to ask for students not to be involved. My friend on the ward wanted to see her children but when ever she rang the social worker it went to answer phone. She was extremely distressed as days were going by without her seeing them. She asked the advocate to call social services to find out what was happening and instead of getting on the phone, making lots of phone calls and sorting it out for her, he just said – oh they are doing their best for you – you’ll just have to wait until they get back to you. Completely useless. It wasn’t even that she wasn’t allowed to see her children – she was allowed, but the social worker was useless at returning her calls. It’s awful when you are locked on a ward, completely at the whim of strangers and these mental health advocates will not support very reasonable requests. Maybe they want to pretend to themselves that they are part of the nursing staff and that’s why they parrot the staff line rather than support patients wishes. Just because we are in hospital doesn’t mean we have no mental faculties !

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