SANCTIONS BY THE LAUGHING PSYCHIATRIST – what a saga at the Royal Bethlem!

The psychiatrists can smile – it is not the first time I have seen this behaviour because they think they are above the law and can do what they like.   However the more they abuse a patient and take away their rights especially when others object like I do then things can come back – for instance the hospital has a good reputation worldwide but this is silly – ridiculous placing a sanction on someone to visit for 1 – 2 hours and this is continuing.  Depriving the patient of fresh air, depriving the ward of a member of staff.   What is this man afraid of – he seems paranoid himself!   What does he think I as a mother am going to do?  All I want is to take my daughter out shopping like before to the wonderful shopping centre nearby and to a nearby town but what can you do in 1 – 2 hours.    I am hoping to do some running tomorrow so I hope the staff are fit as they will have to run to catch up with us and Elizabeth is a very very good runner and was training for Special Olympics and this helped me get up to standard for a bleep test as they had England Atheletes involved.  In addition to this, Elizabeth also went to a local running team.  She was very very good at this sport.   In addition I used to take Elizabeth out swimming – not once has she been taken to the hospital’s swimming pool.    Anyway I hope it is a good day tomorrow for my planned run around the grounds of the hospital.  I am also going to look for zumba teachers as  I am enjoying these classes and I do not see why they cannot be held outside so that all the patients can join in.   Anyway they have places where they can accommodate this and I intend to look into this very thoroughly.  Noone has got  back to me about my suggestion.  Noone has got  back to me with a definite OK for the  meeting next Friday when of course Rethink the advocates will attend so that was what we agreed and it is down to Rethink – REthink sounded bemused by the whole saga.     They denied this was their decision and I told them how the Consultant Psychiatrist would not allow my daughter to get a word in edgeways.  She is more than capableof saying no to me – why cant they understand this.  They must be petrified or rather he must be!  Loyal members of the team have I suppose to stick by him or else they could lose their jobs.   I am sure the world must  be laughing at this hospital because for one they have no grounds to ban me –  I have offered to give every reference including that from the police.  Secondly, she is not violent or a risk to anyone –   when I asked what the reason was I got no answer and the lead nurse was struggling with her comments.  So I asked for it in writing.  I have an ongoing complaint and have been asked not to send any more emails – how funny – if only I could get some answers to one of my complaints  – that would be nice.  Elizabeth told me of a meeting she had today and was told of a rehab place which is miles and miles from home.  I want her to make a fresh start and thanks to my website this has brought me into contact with so very many people from all over the country and world.   I am shocked at the extent of the abuse going on and believe everyone should speak out.  I have been invited to a convention and am seriously thinking of going as there are good speakers there.  I am so unhappy about Elizabeth being in that place that is like a prison camp and patients do not get enough fresh air and it is disgusting there is nothing to do at weekends for them.   There should be plenty to do and outings and the community hall is empty – What is going on!   Where is everyone at the weekend when they are needed to organise some nice activities for the patients and take them out.  How on earth can you get better like this.   In contrast there are places abroad like in Finland Tornio where they offer unique care and also Earth House where they call patients students.  I like this.  I like the fact the patients are respected and listened to.     I like some of the staff on the ward – they are not all bad –  there are some very good staff like the social worker, one or two nurses – of course there are some that are extremely rude and one complained about my phone calls – I have every right to phone and I in turn complained about the length of time it took to answer my call that day because everyone was in meetings.  This is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.    I am pleased if they move her –  the rest of the family will not be happy if it is that far a distance –  However I would send her to Earth House if only I could – she once wanted to go to the States  I really like the sound of thiat place.  Elizabeth needs to be listened to and it is horrific what is going on here – I am the one who listens to her whereas the staff do NOT otherwise they would not be plying her with drug after drug after drug – she still does not know what tablet she is taking.    Tomorrow evening  I am going to my carers group for a buffet they are organising.  On Sunday, as I have made myself known to local churches in the area and hope to take Elizabeth along to meet everyone.  Maybe these people can visit on the ward and I would be more than happy to pay for someone to take her off this place of horror and into the fresh air.  I would pay someone to do this.    I would even consider having her home because I am so shocked – shocked that this psychiatrist has ignored a leading professor and I want this professor to call on his contacts like he said he had.  There seems to be NO contacts there at this hospital as all they want to do is push drugs and experiment on patients.  This is NOT what my daughter was promised or what should be intended.    Like I say I hope the staff are fit!  I intend to run with Elizabeth all around the grounds as I need to get my standards up if I am to run the bleep test again.  I found it very good running outside and training with the personal trainers at my gym – Elizabeth was a great help and she knows the technique of running.   It will do h er good as well as being couped up on a stuffy ward and not encouraged to do much exercise is a disgrace.   


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