When my daughter was first admitted to this so called top leading hospital she had a letter from Professor Robin Murray who clearly stated she would get a drug free period of assessment.   The next thing I knew she was offered Clozapine by two members of staff and she flatly refused.  She was then put on Olanzapine and this was mixed with Seroquel and she said “I do not know what tablets to take Mum”.  I was in despair as there is no way I would have wanted her to go to this hospital if I had known they were going to do this.  I thought this was a leading hospital where she would get the very best of care.  That is not true at all.  Mixing two drugs together like this throws someone off balance and then came the sanctions –  first of all Section 2 and then I was going to be take to court to force me into agreeing to Section 3 – I received call after call whilst at work harrassing me on this stating they would replace me as nearest relative but the person they wanted to replace me with – her father is swamped with the care of his elderly parents right now and so hardly visits.  This is what they want no doubt.   I visit Elizabeth every weekend and she is very unhappy there on this dreadful ward in this awful hospital that I can only describe as hell on earth.  They are solely interested in research from what it would appear and whilst they do all the tests they seem just keen to try out different drugs and use patients against their wishes as human guinea pigs.  This is what is going on under SLAM –  Royal Bethlem Hospital National Psychosis Unit.   Unfortunately my daughter is not in a good place right now and I am desperate to get her out.  I have got research papers by Prof Taylor about “reasons for discontinuing Clozapine and other research papers I have obtained.  I am so concerned because today I was only allowed 1 hr escorted leave and this was all the fresh air she got in the grounds outside that awful ward.   Patients are wandering up and down with nothing to do on the wards.  Staff seem to go off sick quite often.  On the boards are outings supposed to be scheduled at the weekends but nothing is going on because a member of staff is off sick so I understand. 

I took with me a picnic to have outside and all the time a member of staff was watching.   Elizabeth has texted me to say “Get me out of here” the other day.  I am so sorry she is there in that dreadful place. 

I cannot say all the staff are bad – there are some nice nurses but this Consultant Psychiatrist has gone against my daughter’s wishes.  He has failed to provide proof of diagnosis – failed to respect the advice of Prof Murray that she should have a drug free assessment.   Some of the nurses are loyal to this doctor like the one who rings me up every week to talk about nothing much.  You get no information, you are excluded as a parent and treated like nothing.    I am so unhappy about the situation I want to have her home now but will need to take a solicitor with me because I feel this is the only way to deal with this situation now. 

Tonight I went to my carers group – they had a nice do on  All the time though my thoughts were with Elizabeth.  She is only 25 and her life has been ruined on all these drugs and running with me caused her heart beat to be irregular and a doctor was called and that prompted me to demand to know the  medication because all the time I have been trying to find out what the new drug was and now I know  they have finally got her on Clozapine and that was their intention all along.

Here is the link to look at the research papers:  http://bjp.rcpsych.org/ on June 23 2012 .

Before going in to this ward Elizabeth had signed documents to say she wanted no further experimentation done and especially was against Clozapine.  I just do not know how any of the staff can do their jobs in light of this abuse and plan to go out of my way to hopefully  get recognition of this abuse and support but I am just a mother – it would be great isf someone well known got involved in this and noone seems interested or cares about the plight of the mentally ill and the horror of the abuse going on in these dreadful places by these psychiatrists who refuse to give you any kind of evidence as to proof of diagnosis or they come between you and the person you have cared for.

All I want is to have Elizabeth home now because of this dreadful situation and Professor Robin Murray must do something about this situation.  He is the one who gave her hope and we believed that she would be getting the best care at a leading hospital –  I truly thought this was a wonderful place that could help her but now I know the reality – it is the worst place  or one of the worst places on earth where they do not care about a patient’s wishes or feelings – they just use them to experiment on like human guinea pigs and it is in the court papers that these psychiatrist can within the law do whatever they wish and it is no wonder they can smile –  and when someone dies – these people do not always have the support of their families –  there are hardly any visitors to this dreadful ward and that is what they want.   I have still not had an explanation of why her face was covered in bruises –  the ward manager saw her and could not see 1 bruise but when I went to pick h er up she was covered in them all over her face.  Even if there is an innocent explanation to this – why keep it a secret? 

It is just so bad what is going on and this is just one hospital –  there is terrible things going on all over the country and soon there will be the Olympics.  To think Elizabeth who once was a very good runner could barely summon up the energy to do anything today and felt constantly dizzy.    

I am so disgusted at what this awful hospital is doing to my daughter.


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