PsychosisUnitFM2 You Tube – Thank you LG for more great advice

It is late now but I feel compelled to write a short blog as I have had another wonderful email from a former patient of the Royal Bethlem Hospital and his most shocking account of the abuse he encountered.  It is absolutely horrific and I cannot bear to think of my daughter in there right now.

I will be looking at this You Tube channel by LG tomorrow but I recommend everyone looks at this –  If there were lot of people like LG willing to speak out it is the patients or former patients the newspapers are interested in hearing from apparently.  If only people like LG were involved in a project like I have seen in America called EArth House.


This week I h ad a call from one of the head people of community mental health services who said the funding was coming to an end at Royal Bethlem.  She is well aware that this hospital have not done things properly but my daughter is on Section 3 and wrongly so as she is not violent or any risk to anyone.  So they are willing to consider one or two places I had in mind before out of the local area which I have not yet named.   However she also wanted the flat cleared in two weeks and I have no idea where to put all the furniture and things and need someone to help me so the first week I cannot do anything at all.

Anyway I spoke to Elizabeth briefly to say I had got a cd in London she wanted but it was a  brief conversation and I will visit as usual at the weekend.

Today also I had my weekly slot for a phone call which h as been going on for a while.  Whislt the Consultant Psychiatrist hides himself away this lead nurse has to take all the flack in his notable absence.  I obviously was not happy as it was just a chat – nothing more-  she did not divulge any information and still the sanctions apply for me to have only escorted leave which is disgusting.  This deprives Elizabeth of fresh air and already short staffed a member has to come with me off the ward.  

As it was discussed that everything is down to Rethink and not down the Consultant Psychiatrist well I had to ask Rethink to ensure they be present for a meeting in a week’s time.  Of course Rethink denied this and so this statement made in front of a friend of mine was no doubt an attempt by the Consultant Psychiatrist to divert from what is the truth ie he is saying REthink advise him and he has to consdier this before divulging information.  He had a chance to tell Elizabeth what tablet she was on and now I am more than ever determined to find out even if I have to appoint myself solicitors.  She has a right to know and does not even know to this day what he has put her on.  How disgusting is this!

Anyway did not think the phone call went well and I got accused of being threatening but if only the staff could try and put themselves in your shoes.  I do not want just a friendly chat but to be included and to be listened to and consdiered but none of this is going on at the Maudsley, Royal Bethlem.  You get no information and they play on the fact that a vulnerable patient does not want you to have sight of records or any information.  THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE AS I OBTAINED MORE THAN 1 LETTER OF CONSENT AND THIS IS NOT SUFFICIENT.   MOST OF ALL I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THAT TABLET IS.   SO THE LOCAL MENTAL HEALTH TRUST HAVE SEEN AND RECOGNISED THAT THIS LEADING HOSPITAL HAVE NOT DONE THINGS PROPERLY – PROVIDED THIS CONSULTANT PSYCHIATRIST DOES NOT MESS AROUND FURTHER WITH THE DRUGS CAUSING MY DAUGHTER TO SUFFER PSYCHOSIS THEN I HOPE SHE WILL BE MOVED SOMEWHERE THAT IS MUCH NICER THAN A HOSPITAL ENVIRONMENT WITH PROPER SUPPORT IN PLACE. 

The email was so informative – it is very brave to speak out about such things when you have suffered tremendously.





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