I am shocked and horrified at the way patients are treated at a so called top level specialised hospital where the current psychiatrist believes in starting afresh and they have put her on a tablet she does not even know what it is and now to top it all at local level the funding has ended and they want to end the tenancy where I have not been able to pick up her possessions over the past months whilst the local council have been paying around £800 a week so I believe.  I do not know where to put things and have just 2 weeks and my car has been written off – although I have another car I have not yet got insurance as this has been pushed up sky high due to the what had happened when I put my car in for the keys to be sorted out and they brought it back in a state where it would not even start!  Now I have been offered £50.

This is nothing though to the treatment of both mental health services locally and at the Royal Bethlem.

The newspapers should feature this but many of them seem afraid and I am shocked at just how widespread this awful treatment of mental health patients is.




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