I turned up around 2 pm on the ward.  It was a beautiful day today but the patients were stuck indoors.  The staff were busy typing on their computers and I asked to take Elizabeth off the ward but was told I should return sharply.   They were apparently short staffed.  Well I took her out for a meal with this member of staff tagging along and a longstanding family friend.  Elizabeth was very quiet throughout this time but at least she got to go out as yesterday she had no fresh air whatsoever and the ward is stuffy and there is nothing to do but watch TV or aimlessly walk up and down.  Of course the Wii games could not be used as an electrician was needed. 

Anyway in between time I did a lot of writing as I believe this is punishment dished out to me personally as I have quite rightly so been outspoken.  There is no way my daughter should be punished by this Consultant Psychiatrist or be drugged up to her neck on a tablet she does not even know.   I AM INVOLVING RETHINK IN THIS AS HE SAID RETHINK ARE THE ONES WHO TELL HIM IT IS AGAINST MY DAUGHTER’S WISHES TO SHARE INFORMATION IN THE FILES.    ANYWAY I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AT THE ROYAL BETHLEM HOSPITAL.  It is not the fault of the nurses however there is something wrong with this Consultant Psychiatrist himself in my opinion – what is in his head to do this when there is no excuse for this behaviour.  It is childish and spiteful and it is against human rights.  I NOW WANT EVERY INSPECTOR DOWN TO THAT WARD AS THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE.

All I have done is give brilliant information on how harmful the drugs are for a start as naturally I want the  minimal of medication and she was promised a drug free period and I want some answers here as to why this has not been done.

Whether he likes it or not I am still the nearest relative and as the nearest relative I have a right to know if something has happened to my daughter and an explanation.   I intend to keep visiting every single week so that I can keep an eye on matters.  I insist that Elizabeth comes off the ward to get some fresh air and she is MORE THAN ENTITLED.   THIS IS ABSOLUTE ABUSE IN MY OPINION.


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  1. LG said:

    I was desperate not to be given clozapine against my will at the Bethlem Royal so I refused all blood tests. They threatened that if I did not have a blood test they would take my blood forcibly. So VERY VERY reluctantly I let them take my blood. I do not know whether they would have actually forcibly have taken my blood, I wish I did not voluntarily have a blood test and wait to find out if they really would forcibly take my blood. This was some 13 years ago so I hope it would not take place now.All I can say is your daughter should refuse the blood tests and you could say that she also does not want her blood taken on religious grounds and then they may definitely not take her blood without her consent. "ANYWAY I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AT THE ROYAL BETHLEM HOSPITAL"I totally agree! I tried designing a website so people could leave their comments. I am so glad that you have set up this excellent website!

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