Not allowed to take Elizabeth off the ward between 1 – 2 and this must be escorted as ordered by the Consultant Psychiatrist.

I hereby invite this Consultant Psychiatrist to give his reasons WHY to the world.   I have nothing to hide.  I have had every security test done.  I am of no risk to my daughter.  She is of NO risk to the public –  it is causing problems on the ward when a member of staff has to be there to accompany and I go at the weekends.   It is staff changeover between 1 – 2 so noone is available to accompany me.   I am being treated like a criminal yet was training to be a police officer.  I am now thinking of volunteering for the local police as I feel so sorry for the patients being couped up on such wards and treated like nothing.  The nursing staff are not to blame –  this is the fault of the person in charge – the Consultant Psychiatrist and I would welcome him speaking to all the newspapers and media on why he thinks I should be escorted everywhere with my own daughter and why he is depriving her of fresh air.  IT IS EXTREMELY SPITEFUL to do such a thing.   The staff have to obey his orders no doubt and I have heard there is staff absences causing things to be put on hold such as the weekend outings.    Maybe if I am allowed to volunteer at local level with the police then something can be done for these poor patients couped up on such a ward like a prison camp with nothing to do at weekends and can only go out when staff are available.   WHAT KIND OF CARE IS THIS.

I have had to reschedule the day to turn up later in the afternoon to coincide with when staff are available to escort me as I cannot be trusted apparently.

This professional is no doubt enjoying the company of his family yet he is trying to tear apart mine and I have nothing to hide – in fact I would welcome his comments to the world.  I would welcome the world to judge me in turn.

I would say that the reason this is happening is because I have been outspoken in terms of what I see as abuse going on – care should not be all about drugs and a patient should be listened to and not forced to take drugs against their wishes.   Orthomolecular care should be given if needed as an alternative and this does not mean just COMING OFF MEDICATION.  This means being on the minimal rather than the maximum of drugs and this doctor has put my daughter on a drug and refuses to let her speak at the recent meeting even when I offered to go out of the room.  She is none the wiser as to what tablet he has given her.   SHE COULD DIE AS A RESULT OF THE HIGH AMOUNT OF DRUGS GIVEN AND I WANT EVERYONE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE.



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