I have had 3 so far late at night but I am not afraid.  I would much rather have these phone calls than Elizabeth – besides I am keeping Police informed but what is so bad is that the Royal Bethlem Hospital do not seem to care less and noone has rung me back.  I am worried that Elizabeth is getting the calls too from a patient she met on a mixed ward.   MIXED WARDS SHOULD BE BANNED.

I spoke very briefly to Elizabeth today and will visit at the weekend.  I have put in a day’s holiday to attend the ward meeting and instead of speaking will list points and questions – one question is has he put her on Methadone.  She does not even know what she is taking.  THIS IS ABUSE!  The law is geared not to protect the vulnerable but the doctors.

Today I had an interesting invitation to meet with all the Heads of the various pharmaceutical companies.   would have loved to have turned up and given them a piece of my mind  – Instead I have asked when the next meeting are due in London and I will make a point of going.   I just wish I had more time to deal with all of this but I work full time.

It is not right that this violent person who is currently theatening me should be out and about unescorted  and I have a letter from the Assistant Director of Social Services to this effect that it is down to human rights. 

Anyway, I told the police about the phone calls but would rather get them than Elizabeth any day.  




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