Before this job and the previous one I was in part time work which allowed me to spend time with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had swimming lessons and learned to swim at my local gym.  I then gave h er the opportunity of doing competitive swimming like I did once.    Elizabeth did not wish to stick at this any longer as this involved training several  times a week.  Unfortunately this stopped but I continued to take her regularly over to my gym where they had indoor/outdoor pools.  During school holidays there was a bowling facility and we used to go to this. 

As a child contrary to what is written in the files I believe Elizabeth was happy – no signs of abnormality with her behaviour.

Whilst being divorced and in part time work I could not provide holidays but Elizabeth did not miss out as she would go with other family members on holiday and would go to some very nice places, namely Grand Canaria, Spain etc.    One year I took Elizabeth to see her Grandad’s family in Poland, her Grandmas family in Germany and then onto Disneyland Paris.

During the school holidays, I would take Elizabeth to Chessington and Thorpe Park. 

Xmas I would go to town on making Xmas nice for her.

Despite being divorced things were amicable.   There was no fighting or squabbling as to who would have Elizabeth – she got to see both of us and was taken out by both of us at weekends.   I would also take her to see the museums in London  – the occasional long weekend was very nice and I would go to Cumbria where I had a close friend.  On the way back we went to Alton Towers.

Apart from swimming which Elizabeth gave up,  someone else in the family was doing dancing and so I asked would Elizabeth like to do dancing?    Attached to my gym was a new school for dance that had been set up and I went out and bought the entire ballet outfit for Elizabeth.  That did not last either unfortunately.  Then Elizabeth asked for piano lessons and I put her in for this – again she did not last and she seemed to have trouble in learning as things were becoming more and more complicated.

Elizabeth had private lessons in IT when it came to my notice she was struggling with this at school.

Elizabeth was learning French at college and later Swedish as she had the trip of a lifetime to go to in Finland. 

Just before this trip I went out to buy lots of clothes for Elizabeth as I thought things would be freezing in Finland during the month she was going out there.  Finland was one of the highlights of my daughter’s life and she so wants to go back there.  I have heard there is unique care for mental health in a place called Torniio and now I myself want to go there to find out more.

Elizabeth worked in restaurants as part of her studies – she has a great time and made a friend there who I later invited to come over with her sister and Elizabeth got invited to say with her friend’s family.

Elizabeth liked sport and I encouraged this.  She was going to the special olympics training and every Sunday I would take her along with people from the learning disability scheme  nearby.  Elizabeth was very very good at running and joined a local running club  in addition.

All of these activities involved me taking her and bringing her back home.  I would either sit and watch or else hang around until the end of the session.

On Sundays when I had her I would take her to church and she was involved in the Brownies.

Elizabeth likes music – however not the kind of music I would go for.   She went to concerts and I took her to see shows.

Every weekend I would cook dinner and Elizabeth would help as she enjoyed cooking.  That was her ambition – to go into this line of work.

Elizabeth loves animals and I had rabbits and guinea pigs and then the guinea pigs had babies – she was overjoyed at this.

I have now bought for Elizabeth Fluffy and she has requested I bring him to the hospital – I do not think this would go down well at all.  I am already not in their good books.

Then Elizabeth made a new friend at school and started to spend more time in that friend’s company and not at home.  When this friend came round they would spend time together playing the piano/writing lyrics.

I was by this time quite involved in the care of two other family members who were very ill but I was happy as I thought that she was safe and happy and just getting on with her life.     


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