So far I have introduced the supplements which the team are actually allowing to be given and some are provided by the NHS.

I have also provided the oils which I ordered from the States and Elizabeth said they WORK!

I am looking to order more of the supplements and have given instructions as she  has a prescription from her new specialist Orthomolecular Psychatrist that I would like to see in charge of her care in future.

I am looking to provide Noni Juice as well as this is supposed to be really beneficial.

Every time I go out shopping I look and see what can I bring to Elizabeth that is healthy as on these drugs they make you want to crave for junk food and alcohol – she was never a drinker before.

Anyway the alternatives do counteract some of the bad effects of the drug and I have also bought the electonic cigarettes.

I have just noticed a very good website – written by a patient.  I think it incredibly brave of a patient to speak out as most are too weakened by the effects of the drugs to do this or else too afraid.

I have written to the person running this website and was very impressed.

Do not know what will be the outcome of when I visit at the weekend – that is if Elizabeth wants to see me.  |I am not one to just turn up and force her to see me.   The last time a member of staff was hanging around and she told the member of staff to leave and said “I would like to spend time with my Mum on my own”.  Why cant the team respect this.  I believe that it is the Doctor – the Consultant Psychiatrist who has enforced these rules under S3 as he is totally insecure and paranoid himself.  What is this man worried out?  What does he think I am gong to do?  I wanted to take Elizabeth to two parties –  she would have enjoyed herself and she asked to go to church and was not even allowed outside with me alone. 


More and more people are speaking out  – the more the better as far as I am concerned. 

If only these professionals just listened/cared to listen to the patient and communicate properly with the families.






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