It is disgusting first and foremost to label someone with a serious condition when there are no scientific tests available to prove it.   Mental illness can be caused by trauma, a breakdown which can take months to recover from but does not always need the drugs as I have seen someone in the family get better without.


Anyway I have been harrassed and pressurised by the local team and that of the Maudsley as they want to replace me as being closest relative with the father of Elizabeth.  Apparently they go by age and I happen to be the eldest but if they replaced me they would never be challenged and I can continue to keep an eye on what is going on so naturally it would be easier for the team if I was not around. 


I do not want to be replaced as I am the main visitor and felt pressured into saying “yes” to Section 3 even though I am not in favour.  Why a Section 3 when the ward itself is like a prison and you cannot just walk out the door.  However, this court hearing was meant to be today but I have told the Honourable Judge everything and complained of harrassment and threats.  I slated social services who have done nothing.  I slated the doctor for his narrow minded behaviour and thinking these drugs are best when in fact they are causing the psychosis.  Constantly I referred to the book of Dr Ann Blake Tracy, Prozac Panacea Pandora .  I told the Hon Judge the drugs acted like LSD, were highly dangerous and could lead to long term health problems.


Anyway the court Hearing has now been cancelled and the team will have to put with me as the nearest relative.  This could have led to me being banned from visiting but that is not now going ahead and I had just one day and this was too short notice to find solicitors to back me. 

However Elizabeth’s rights are to be defended if she wants to come off the Section 3.  That is probably why they are only allowing me escorted leave right now and there was noone to escort me out with her even outside.  This is surely an infringement of human rights to keep someone locked up like this and not allowed out in the sunshine.  It is apalling abuse.

What a day I have had having to frantically keep the Judge informed and challenge the loss of my role as nearest relative.  I have a busy job and these phone calls were driving me mad.

 It would be cheaper if my daughter took legal proceedings herself – she would get this for nothing whereas I would have to pay dearly. So, if she is distressed and unhappy then I will make sure this happens.


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