Went to the most fabulous party – like a wedding the other evening.  The party was a birthday party held by my work colleague and attended by 150 people – one of the best parties I have been to.

Did not see Elizabeth yesterday as rest of family visiting.

Beautiful day today so am going to leave now and get over by public transport.

31st May is the assesment but I have not been served papers for court or anything as the local team are keen to replace me as closest relative.  I am nothing up against these teams that bully people into submission and will be glad to see the back of me as closest relative as I have complained about their care which has been awful.


Care should not be just about medication and this has not worked for Elizabeth –  often rape/abuse victims are put on medication instead of receiving counselling.  They are then labelled with serious conditions that bring about it huge benefits to psychiatrists and supporting teams as it provides ongoing work and huge money to the pharmaceutical industry by enforcing the drugging of patients with these mind-altering drugs that have the same effect as LSD and which you cannot easily get off. 


The assessment due on 31st of May I believe is to discuss funding issues but all I want is for Elizabeth to be moved on somewhere else rather than that awful place where she is so unhappy and where she was covered in bruises and all I have got out o the lead nurse is “I am happy with that”.  Also I fear for her safety as they have allowed the most unsuitable visitor from the local area who whilst on a Section 3 was allowed to roam freely and pop over to my home, resulting in my next door neighbours being threatened – in fact Police were involved as they received a death threat.  This man has been allowed to visit on the ward at the Royal Bethlem Hospital with all their security!

If they take away my responsibility of being nearest relative, who will I be replaced with?  Could this mean they are trying to get away with paying as outside of the local area whereever the nearest relative lives could be reponsible for funding?  Either way it will be a triumph for them as they do not like me.  I have been slagged off so many times in the files and called a cruel abd abusive mother when in fact I have challenged their care and they do not like it.  



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