An imprisonment can last for years and years under the mental health in England. What starts as a section III can last forever and there is a much more stricter environment here than locally – more controlling but the one thing is that they still want to give yet more drugs against a patient’s wishes which is terrible.   I know of such cases and I am afraid for Elizabeth because the team hate me and have written terrible things about me in the files which I got to see.


For instance, at local level, they have questioned my daughter about home and family and assumed the home and family was abusive and that I was a cruel mother who hit her as a child.  I have a younger daughter too and showed her this and when questioned Elizabeth was very angry and denied saying those things.  I believe such comments had been taken out of context and how can a professional comment without seeing the family home and without listening to others in the family to find out more.


I have also been compared to by so many “I know how you feel, I am a mother myself”.  It is one thing being a mother of a normal healthy child but Elizabeth once was normal and healthy herself but since being put on first of all anti-depressants instead of receiving counselling she has suffered such huge change in her personality and has bouts of aggression like never ever before.  I knew nothing about these drugs at the time and thought it was a good thing that she had taken herself off the anti-depressants in one go just before a trip of a lifetime abroad but unfortunately I have found out now just how dangerous the drugs are and how any withdrawal needs to be done slowly and gradually and what they do is up the dosage when the effects are wearing off.  The anger in patients at being imprisoned in a dreadful environment is understandable.  At weekends there is nothing to do and hardly any visitors to the ward to see the patients.  They are stuck in for the most part and although are taken out for walks it is not enough in my opinion and wrong to punish such people when it is the drugs themselves that are the cause and  it is far easier to keep a patient on them than take them off and it is bound to fail if you take them off in a large dosage rather than miniscule amounts daily. At local level medication was skipped on occasions when visiting family when she had forgotten it or there was not time to ask and this is harmful and yet locally they felt it was OK to do this.  


Anyway I am not visiting today as her father is but the latest situation is such that a section is automatically given again but they want to do it for six months which is a section III and is against Elizabeth’s wishes and I have had the most pushy phone calls from members of the local team and threatening too to the extent they have threatened to replace me as nearest relative with someone else if I did not agree.  This was too short notice for me to give an answer as I needed to think carefully about it and get legal advice and I work full time  so how could I do that effectively whilst receiving a call in the office at the end of the day last Wednesday and early evening and then again on Friday and I still could not say yes or no but hinted that I did not want to be replaced and still needed to get advice as it takes time to do this.  I know they are threatening to take me to court and Elizabeth knows this and is upset.   It would really suit the team if I was displaced and then they could just do what they like.


The fact it something happened to my daughter bad in that scheme and they are desperate not to disclose this or what really happened when all her possessions when missing and how come the police were constantly looking for my missing daughter in the company of a violent Section 3 patient who has been to visit in her current ward.


Is this reason enough to ban me because I have researched the medication and know how harmful they are.  I am still waiting to h ear from the FDA and they have not replied to me.


I have not mentioned my daughter’s name or the name of the local authority but am very critical of a system that does not listen or care to listen to individuals and sticks together like glue when there is a complaint and noone has the power to intervene.  There are many people suffering the same way I am but what would make me happy more than anything would be to see her discharged to the correct placement away from this area like that I have mentioned and I know more than any of them being her mother what would make her happy and obviously she would like to come home and live – so much for them saying the home and family is bad – noone would say “I want to come home, Mum” if they were not happy would they?  at the end of the day she needs to be stabilied and taken off the drugs in a proper and decent manner like Dr Ann Blake Tracy documents and it could take a year to successfully do that.  Yes I agree with the current Psychiatrist that the hospital is not the place for her on a long term basis but with orthomolecular care and proper nutrition and diet there is still hope.   Left to eat junk food and dumped into a scheme that doe snot have adequate supervision or whose staff did not always engage with her, then she will only go downhill.  I hope that is not what they are planning or maybe jthey are planning for me never to see my daughter again and they have the powers to do this and this is where I would look for justice outside of this country as I feel the law fails to protect familiies in such situation and that there should be more support and assistance for the mentally ill who sadly beg to return to hospital as they cannot cope in the community despite a scheme that is supposed to offer 24hr care.


Each time I visit Elizabeth asks about her pet kitten and asks to go to Finland as she has happy memories there before she got plied with all these terrible mind-altering drugs that have the same effect as LSD.

Anyway I am not visiting today as the rest of the family are and instead I am going to a party.  It is a long time I have had a happy occasion to go to and I am really looking forward to it.  I could not decide what to wear for this occasion and will wear an evening dress I think.  It is a colleague’s party and sounds wonderful.


Meanwhile my younger daughter is enjoying herself working for a leading cruise liner.  I would like to take Elizabeth or to pay for her and a nurse to go aboard.  I do not now know if this will be possible.  I will no longer be invited to any meetings or included in anything if I am no longer the closest relative that is for sure but I have not yet said yes or no and if I was to say yes then  it is awful to think I am being forced into this situation and that it is against what Elizabeth wants as she is happy to continue her treatment until a suitable placement can be found.  If all this could have been done sooner by the local team then none of this would have happened and the reason I am upset is that the team have ignored Elizabeth’s wishes.  That is why I have been outspoken and critical of the “care”.  Now I am going to get ready.  I am going to write tomorrow some interesting informative facts about mental health sections.








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