I cannot think of a better description to describe the ward where my daugher is on now run by the NHS.

Patients are trapped like prisoners in a system that is controlled by professionals who can further control things by altering medication levels throwing someone off balance completely and then imposing sanctions – this is what has happened.  When you switch a medication to another it throws a patient’s behaviour off balance and they can become psychotic. 

Elizabeth was beginning to settle down but of coure the Tribunal did not go ahead last week and now the Section 2 is coming to an end this week.  The social worker is away and so is the Consultant Psychiatrist and a replacement social worker is dealing with matters.


Late yesterday whilst at work I received a call stating that the team felt she should be put on Section 3 which is for 6 months or up to 6 months.    Elizabeth was not happy with this and did not give consent so they turned to me as the nearest legally representative and put me on the spot and I had to come out of my office to speak to her.   I refused this permission and then she told me they would just go over my head and replace me as the legal representative/guardian and take away everything from me.  This is how they control people and destroy families – it has happened to several of my friends and they even put a stop to one visiting.


I thought this section would be lifted as Elizabeth’s behaviour was OK but yesterday she was very very distressed and was talking in a distressed manner.  Maybe something had happened there.


I have had no response from my complaint and it has been 2 weeks now and they have not said yes in accordance with Elizabeth’s agreement to let the family see her files to check on medication as I appointed an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist and she was doing so well on the supplements and he was going to reduce her gradually on the minimum of medication and I actually saw an improvement.  They claim to be giving the supplements but all I get is a once a week phone call from the lead nurse who cannot give me any information despite giving them so many consent letters and one on official paper to satisfy them.  Now noone is speaking and I am up against a wall of silence.


The solicitor herself was one recommended by the hospital and was saying you dont have to go through with the meeting and they seemed so pally – her and the rest of the team laughing and joking and surrounding my daughter who they took down the corridor away from me. 


Clearly this is a team who want to destroy the relationship between myself and my daughter as I thought this was a leading hospital who would care to listen but they just want to experiment further with drugs yet they have more resources to do other things besides.  No mention has been m ade about the oils I brought on to the ward – nothing whatsover or neither has any mention been said about the way they took Elizabeth off a huge amount of medication throwing her off balance yet I had brought tapes, books etc onto the ward to show them.  They clearly dismissed these and all the information on lawsuits.  I have ordered the book Molecules of Emotion by one of the creators of thse drugs, Candace Pert.   


I would have been so happy if they had just transferred her to somewhere else but now they have to fight for funding from a local authority who is currently wasting over £800 a week on an empty flat.

I think it has been  agreed she cannot go back to this flat where she complained of having suffered tremendously and when I turned up there was drugs squad and sapphire team there so I got to find out and she had gone missing.   They placed her wrongly in a scheme where there was not much supervision and she was extremely unhappy and left to go downhill and they kept on placing her 8 times back into that scheme until finally the place came up at this hospital who I truly thought could do something good but they have just plied more drugs and wasted no time in doing so.    There are pitiful sights on that ward and people of all races and religions. At the weekends Elizabeth looks forward to my visits and I take her out but othr patients do not get many visitors as their families live too far in some cases.

These are the victims of the pharmaceutical industry.

So today I have been given no notice – received no letter and told nothing that this important meeting is to take place and they are just going to overrule everything yet Elizabeth would have remained there voluntarily until a placement could be found.  I was told this by 2 phone calls late afternoon and early evening when I was at the hairdressers in front of other people and of course I got upset when told they would replace me.

On Wednesday I went to House of Commons hoping to see someone else as my MP has written to say he cannot help me.  I saw the MP of the area of the Maudesley in Kent and he also told me the same thing but was sympathetic.  When I criticised the law and said she was a victim of crime in the first instance – abuse from someone not in the family but whom the family thought was respectable and much much older than her.  There was a ful investigation and a stop was put on him contacting her yet this was done all too late – quite some time later by which time Elizabeth had been drugged up and experimented on.

Whey cant they allow her to have Orthomolecular care when research has proven that diet is so very important and patients can be reduced off medication this way with the correct diet and supplements.

I am happy for Elizabeth to move away from the dreadful local area where we live – also there is someone else in my family who has suffered tremendously at the hands of local care but I cannot mention anything just yet about this.

The local area are responsible for the funding but why could they not provide £100 a week storage for her few possessions – the most valuable having been stolen at this scheme and the scheme would not allow police to see CCTV – no proper investigation has been made.


Now I have been put on the spot to say yes otherwise they could just take away my representation of my daughter legally and replace me – probably with someone from the hospital itself and that is how evil the system is. 

Forcing a patient against their wishes to take drugs for what – multiple diagnoses two conflicting as for Aspergers they do not give all these medications and that is what a leading expert has diagnosed her with but the rest say she has Schizophrenia but I would say she is suffering psychosis as a direct result of the drug Seroquel and switching from one to another – this has caused her condition and her to be unwell.

Today is an important day when a decision will be made to control my daughter – what kind of care is this.   In a nicer setting and surround she could have improved and got better like this wonderful centre for women only that has been highly praised by a former resident where she lived who was a rape victim.  It would have done her good to get right away from this area and made a fresh start.   Now they want to keep her prisoner and they could not even protect her from someone who visited who she met on a local mixed ward and who has threatened my neighbours and police have been involved.  This person has been allowed to visit there and at local level this person is well known to police who can “quite understand how I feel yet it was funny that she kept going missing with this person and each time police were called by me, police time was wasted including a time she was voluntary on the ward locally and staff refused to phone police to let them know she was missing.  I later found out she was with him.  I believe local team staff knew where she was each time and the police let it slip she was with him.  Whilst out with him which seems to have been encouraged despite the fact he was on Section 3, she was not properly  taking her medication.  On this medication it completely blocks the memory and this is why some patients simply do not take it – they have no recollection of time – cannot get to appointments etc etc and thisis where a team is supposed to step in and protect that person.





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