Letters from Prince Charles and 10 Downing Street

The letters I received from both offices were of course disappointing  but not surprising.  Prince Charles’s office said he had no plans to talk about the mental health right now and 10 Downing St referred me to Dept of Health but I have already written to them who referred me to local complaints level and this is no good.  Have obtained some wonderful advice though from an organisation called Avma (Action Against Medical Accidents).  It is hard to find legal representation for matters of mental health and this is very wrong.   These are the most vulnerable people who often get abused and do not receive good care.

Anyway the weekend was spent going out to two different beautiful shopping areas and I must say the area is much nicer than where we live.

Funding is coming to an end now and I am worried what will happen.  Where will Elizabeth go?  I believe she needs to get away from this local area and be in a very nice quiet and peaceful location where there is more one to one care at least for a while before being put back into society as she really wants a place of her own but she will need help as the care has made her totally dependant on the team and also I would like Orthomolecular care and continuation of the supplements to be given as they are right now in hospital.

Dr Tracy sent me some wonderful oils which I took on the ward and hopefully this will be included in her treatment.


Apart from the wonderful centre I have seen in the States called EArth House, there is a place over here that is supposed to be very good and for women only that offers counselling and more therapy and this is what Elizabeth needs rather than the drugs.   I hope she will be on the very minimal of drugs and one day come off altogether as I know this is possible.  I have always disputed the diagnoses of which she has several and there is nothing to prove these diagnoses.

I have not had a chance to devote to advertising my website but hope to put more effort into this as time goes on.  I need signatures for my petition to see Mr Lansley and so will go once a week after work to see if I can get some signatures to add to those already obtained.

I have just written to the Commissioning Office in the local areaa – I have requested a beautiful centre set in a small countryside village which although a distance from this area may be just what Elizabeth needs – a fresh start.   Coming home may not be the best option as she has been made to become dependant on the team and I would like her to be independant.






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