They mixed the Seroquel with Olanzapine and this threw Elizabeth’s behaviour off balance and then they sectioned her giving only 3 hrs and I was told I would be arrested if I did not bring her back in good time. 

Then they put her on a Section 2 which is for 28 days and noone told me about this Tribunal except at the very last minute I found out.  It was obvious that I was not wanted there. 

I managed to get a day off work to attend and got there early.  I sat in the lounge reading Dr Tracy’s book and I showed it to some of the team as there were some interesting paragraphs in there.  The Consultant Psychiatrist came up to me and I showed him the dvd from Dr Tracy how to come off the medication properly – I had much more information but he did not want to see all of this.  Anyway he jokingly said “You’re not going to shout at me are you?”  well I never shouted in the first place and I have a witness to that effect.  Any mother would get upset to see their child being poisoned by these so called experts which could lead to death and eventual ill health physcially when there is no scientific evidence of anything.  The diagnoses are apparently voted on and end up in a manual called the DSM. I have a dvd full of laughing psychiatrists and pharmacists who work together in plying patients with harmful drugs.  So I met the solicitor of my daughter for the first time and then she came up to my daughter and said “do you really want to go through this today” and of course she said “no”.  She is bound to find such meetings stressful but the cruel part about it is that every Friday there is a meeting and I bet she has to attend this whether or not she likes it.  OUtnumbered by the team of so called professionals a vulnerable patient who often does not have an advocate present is weak and domineered by the team and already chemically brainwashed.

The other thing is in front of Elizabeth the solicitor gave me the option of contesting the section and discharging my daughter which would of course cost me money.  I turned around and said to her that first of all they needed to get her off the drugs as she has been very very unstable and it was decided that home was not an option and yet here was this solicitor puttiing the ball in my court and saying it would cost me to do this. 

Whilst I would be prepared to have her home again first of all she needs to come off the drugs that cause the psychosis and this has NOTHING TO DO WITH DIAGNOSES OF WHICH SHE HAS FOUR.  They are not prepared to do this so it seems despite their expertise.  The Solicitor then said that Finland which Lynsey told me she wanted to go to was a bad idea and not an option because of the language barrier.  I told her that language was no barrier over there as they all spoke English.  Besides Elizabeth has been over to Finland before and was very very happy there.  This was at a time when she was not drugged up to her neck and she enjoyed going out there with her college and working in restaurants as it was her ambition to be a chef one day.  She has been constantly talking about Finland and unlike this country they are supposed to have unique care for the mentally ill in a place called Tornio which I have been trying to find out about.  The whole place is a far cry from this country – peaceful clean, healthy living – I have not been there myself but have  heard from my daughter a bit about the lifestyle and am very very impressed.  I h ad been trying to find out about prices of the care for my daughter as there is NO DECENT CARE OVER HERE IT IS ALL DRUG PUSHING UNDER THE NHS.    So, the solicitor just ruled this out without a thought of consideration when all along it was Elizabeth’s idea and what she wanted and all I am doing as a mother is backing her.  There is no way that I could force her to do what she did not want to do but unlike this team I listen.

So, I was told there would not be the funding yet around £800 a week right now is being wasted on an empty flat which I  hope they will not place her back in as eight times from there she got admitted into hospital and what was obvious did not appear to be obvious to the so called professionals in the team and I mean social services who did nothing about the situation.

In today’s paper is a case of a young man who has been murdered by someone diagnosed with Schizophrenia – the person diagnosed with this illness had not taken medication and the home got criticised badly.  Whether or not anyone has been labelled with a serious illness such as this they would suffer from psychosis as a direct result of the drug if they took themselves off it too quickly and this is what the Consultant Psychiatrist did for my daughter.  Dr Tracy said “it is a cruel game they play” – meaning it gives them greater reason for sanctions and by sanctions I mean control by way of section.    I do not believe in any of these illnesses having seen the collection of dvds I got.  Yes they may be from the Scientologists but why were they paid off in such a significant amount and what is more I believe they are right to highlight what is going on and there are interviews from some professionals willing to openly admit everything and joke aout it.  These dvds cannot be dismissed and certainly not those from Dr Tracy who has NOTHING to do with the CCHR whatsoever and has done extensive research as detailed in her book.

Many times Elizabeth has said he feels she has no choice but to go along with the team and they know this.   It is predicted in the Bible and a warning given which I will write about next time. time.  Anyway still on a section nothing was achieved and I went into a room with the solicitor and lead nurse.  I got to find out that the funding was only for 3 months and what a waste of time this has been .  Nothing whatsoever has been achieved and nothing has been done properly as there was not the drug free period as promised. Therefore I cannot accept any further diagnoses.   The solicitor who was recommended by the hospital social worker should be totally independent but some of the things she came out with did not appear so.  She defended the right by law to give medication so I turned around and said that none of us in the family believed in her diagnosis and there was a conflict of opinion by experts and if she had the other condition – ASpergers then she should not be on the drugs and I felt that this was very relevant to point out along with her human rights being abused.

The lead nurse tried to say “what if my daughter had changed her  mind and was happy on the medication”  – THIS IS TOTAL MANIPULATION –  IF SHE COMES OUT AND SAYS THIS, I WILL KNOW FOR SURE THEY HAVE BEEN BADGERING HER TO COMPLY WITH THEIR DEMANDS.  I put in for a request for the file and all the family want to see this file as we are so very concerned about the drugs being plied.


She was given a little bit of information about the drug but it nowhere near goes into what I have printed off which includes the research by Professor Healy stating that this particular drug had the highest rate of suicide out of all of them.  Also Dr Tracy says it has a bad reputation for diabetes.   Of course the team just ignore this and carrying on pushing the drugs at patients.  I feel so sorry for all of them as I know it is done on a trial and error basis and that people get wrongly diagnosed as there are not tests and in any case drugs are not the answer – if there was decent care like counselling attention to diet etc then this is the answer but of course there is no money to be made in this at all.  There is huge money to be made in  having a lifetime patient on these drugs you cannot just come off where they have no help unlike illicit drugs.


As for care in the community – this is equally bad.  The social worker from the local team attended the meeting and said that whilst my daughter talked in a disturbed manner about burning her scheme down, she would not actually carry this out.  UNFORTUNATELY THIS WOMAN HAS NOT A CLUE WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT.  IF MY DAUGHTER IS PLACED UNDER THAT SCHEME AGAIN AND I AM WATCHING WHAT IS GOING ON I WILL NAME THE SCHEME.  This is the scheme that banned me from visiting my daughter because there was an incident at home – I have nothing to hide by talking about this.  Every single time Elizabeth came home she did not want to go back to this scheme as something bad happened to her.  Also she has had all her valuable possessions stolen and nothing has been done about it.  There must be evidence on the CCTV but the scheme as far as I know have not released it to Police and I am furious about how much she  has lost which amounts to hundreds.  The social worker tried on two occasions to try and persuade her to take Clozapine and thi shas nothing to do with social services and I confronted her when I got to find out.

The scheme is occupied by mentally ill residents but unfortunately they are supposed to offer 24 hr care but staff actually sleep through the night and there is no way of monitoring who is coming into the building.  In other words lapse security.  Anyone could come in whilst staff are asleep.  This is no place for someone vulnerable like my daughter and besides the music thumping from another resident was disturbing Elizabeth.  In the evenings she would be alone and vulnerable and there was nothing to do then.  Once a week she did get taken out somewhere however she did not engage with the staff and told them to go away.  She was not doing even basic tasks and this is why the scheme was UNSUITABLE.  What was lacking was some young decent companions and instead to the knowledge of the team  they turned a blind eye to her association with wrong kinds like the foreign man who turned up at my neighbour’s house mistaking it for mind demanding money and theatening my neighbours who had to call the police.  This friendship was allowed to continue to the point she was going missing all the time and this person was on a Section 3 by the way and allowed out unescorted.  I got to hear of this because I was told by police he had actually gone missing from a ward. When I complained I got a response stating it was down to human rights whilst they recognised their duty of care to my daughter.  Words to this effect – what rubbish!  The public have a right to be protected and there is tremendous lack of supervision with the mentally ill in the community. 


Today there is an article about a man who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia who did not take his medication but there were times when Elizabeth refused her medication and if aggressive then staff would simply just stay away from her and noone from the home treatment team came to see her.  The only way to get into hospital is to be arrested and this is an absolute disgrace.

It is laughable that this man who threatened my neighbours is allowed to visit my daughter on the ward at the Royal Bethlem Hospital so I got to find out – I am pretty sure the staff and social services know that he is in touch with my daughter.  Also it was a joke at this meeting to listen to the team saying how generous it is of them to allow 6 hrs now for visiitng.   I just could not believe it – I told them she should never have been sectioned in the first place because if things had been done properly with the medication none of this behaviour would have occurred.  

 By the way, the other thing is that there was no control by staff with money.  One day she went out and spent all her money leaving nothing for food.


This was was once a girl who was immaculate and going to college, studying languages, learning to drive, working and now she is totally dependent on the team.  This is care for you under the NHS.


I tried so hard to ensure that Elizabeth did not end up like the other patients just lying around doing nothing and sleeping whist drugged up to their necks on LSD-like mind altering anti-psychotics.  Yes it is like LSD – that would explain why Elizabeth has hallucinations and if she is hearing voices now she never was in the first place and was getting on nicely with her life.  Having her home would be risky whilst on these drugs as patients suffer from a sleep disorder that causes them to act our their nightmares.  This is all caused by the drug not by their condition in my opinion.








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