Sunday and another visit

The patients on the ward are mostly young.  I see from the visitor’s books they hardly get any visitors so even though I work full time and am very busy I make the effort to go and visit Elizabeth.  I appreciate that people are sent to the hospital from all over the country and so relatives are not always so easily able to visit but I am lucky in that respect living in the London area.   The area is quite beautiful and we go to a very nice shopping centre nearby and to lunch.  The Queen is visiting this shopping centre tomorrow morning.

Today we went to a Mexican restaurant and looked around the fabulous shopping centre and then went to the cinema but I did not like the film and it was not suitable for Elizabeth to see so we did not stay for very long.  I try to pick something cheerful and a comedy but this was full of violence and totally unsuitable despite a member of staff saying it was a comedy.

I have bought a car this weekend and will pick it up next weekend.  It has not been easy not having a car and buses are not so quick.

Today was a beautiful sunny day and it is sad to see so many young patients couped up on a ward with tight security like prison.  This is no way to treat a human being.

My view is that they have not done the assessment correctly as she was promised a drug free period and this is very  bad.  They have just miixed one drug with another and this one Olanzapine has the highest rate of suicide.   I am far from happy and neither are the rest of the family and have requested the files.   To all patients – it is a good thing to see what is going on in the files especially when I discovered so many diagnoses. This prompted me to look at matters further.

It is so bad what is going on and care is centred on medication.  The medication does not solve the problems and can lead to psychosis and violent behaviour amongst other things.

The other thing that is bad is care in the community.  These schemes do not suit everyone and Elizabeth was very wrongly placed.  I also believe that she has been misdiagnosed but is very ill because of the drugs themselves.






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