The campaign by Occupy London who organised a huge demonstration in the City today is pretty much along the same lines as mine.  If there was fairness in society then it would not be necessary to stage such protests but I have to say that I was impressed by the way this was organised and by the friendliness and helpfullness of people attending towards my similar cause.   The similarities lie in money and greed and a Government out of touch with what society needs.  There is much unemployment and much poverty and a Government who does not care and thinks nothing of spending a fortune on wars.   If this Government only took an interest in the apalling state of mental health care that would be wonderful but instead they choose not to respond to my letters time and time again and do NOTHING.  Anyway I am very grateful to those who signed my petition whilst I attended the protest organised by Occupy London.  I am told I need at least 500 signatures .  Anyway I have a long way to go before I get that many but it is a start – I had to cut short my visit there as I had to be at the hospital.  However I am posting my petition on this site so anyone please feel free to add your names to this.  I intend to gain more signatures on a week by week basis and working in Central London is very handy for this purpose. 

 I brought along to show people more of the interesting information I have obtained including DVDs and books.  There is one very interesting one called “The Marketing of Madness – there is no money in normal”  How true.   Dr Tracy has also supplied me with a lot of interesting cds.  I only wish that I had known about how harmful these drugs were in the first instance. 

 I met some interesting people at the demonstration and one lady mentioned about a sanctury for animals – I told her how the hospital was – not fit for animals where my daughter is currently.  I do not like the huge high fences and prison like atmosphere.  It is truly shocking.

However, I also met a journalist who seemed quite interested and I would be willing to give publicity in the hope that things get improved.  It is not just for my daughter but for many others who have noone to speak up for them.   

I had to cut short my visit unfortunately as I had to go to visit  my daughter and to allow enough time as many train lines were affected by engineering works today and my car has now been written off by the looks of things and I had to get another one but spotted a nice car near to where my daughter is in hospital.


Tomorrow the younger daughter who one was so desperately ill and now on top of the world thanks to me getting her off anti-psychotics is flying out to Venice to work for 6 months on a luxury cruise liner.


The rest of the family gained the support of my daughter to see the medical files as we just do not know what is going on and noone is prepared to discuss anything with you unless you have signed consent which I have obtained.


Tomorrow I will go again to the hospital to visit as Elizabeth wants to go to the cinema.


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