Just received the bad news my car cannot be fixed and is a write off thanks to an incompetent garage.  This is a problem to me right now as getting to see Elizabeth is a long and awkward journey and travelling takes most of the time.

Did not visit on Saturday but on Sunday the weather was cold and raining – not like summertime.

I did not arrive that early but we made the most of the time together and went to a very nice gym – a  branch of one I used to belong to in the local area to where I live.  We were not allowed to use the facilities but the allowed us in to speak to the membership team as I thought such a membership would be very god for Elizabeth – that is of course when she is allowed out again.   Time passed quickly and on the way back I spotted a very nice car for sale however do not know what to do for sure about this as although it is reasonably price considering the condition it is costly to run.  Said I would let them know this week but may go without a car for a while and save more towards it.

It was late by the time I got home and I was exhausted.


Bank Holiday Monday – again visited but got there a bit earlier this time.  We went into a lovely town where there was an abundance of beautiful shops.  On the way back Elizabeth was showing signs of distress and she was feeling unwell with flu light symptoms earlier on as well.  This made me furious as none of this would have happened had she not been put on all these terrible drugs – all of which are FDA approved yet extremely dangerous.  Despite me writing to the FDA several times about Seroquel they still carry on allowing it to be marketed.  Olanzapine is another and Clozapine.   They are allowed on the market to profit the drugs companies/pharmaceutical industry whilst Governments like the British Government turn a blind eye. 


On leaving the hospital which is like “prison” I spoke briefly to another patient who is allowed out alone and said simply “are you happy here” to which he replied “no.”   That says it all.

When I got back I was up late writing all these letters –  The Government clearly cannot care less however Prince Charles has recently given a good speach about health professionals having more empathy towards patients.  I commend him on this and I decided to write to him and other Royal Family members.   With a title “Royal” in front of the hospital I do not think my daughter’s care lives up to this title as she has come there to have a drug-free assessment and now they are not doing things properly and I can never accept their conclusion.  I just want her moved away from this awful dumping ground of NHS care.

Worst was still to come……………………

This week we have lost our beloved kitten thanks to someone staying with us just letting him out and we have not yet got a cat door put in.  I slept downstairs on the settee in the hope he would reappear but to no avail.  I am absolutely devasted about this.  The car does not matter but Fluffy does and I had just spent money on having pictures done of him at a photographers.  I am gutted and so are the rest of the family. 





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