Friday I attended a meeting which was a waste of time as the main issue is medication and I got nowhere.  The psychiatrist sat there smiling smugly when I complained at the harmful drug Olanzapine that he had switched Elizabeth to – the pharmacist was also smiling until I commented.  The meeting was a complete disaster and came to an abrupt halt by with the threat of me being escorted off the premises by security.  That was of course following my comments to appoint solicitors of course.

Dr Ann Blake Tracy commented in an email words to the effect of it being a sick game that he is playing, knowing full well that switching drugs is bound to cause someone’s behaviour to go off the rails, leading to sanctions and more control by him. 

My one hope is the solicitors currently involved.   What abuse that is going on in the UK! – a so called expert who cannot prove the cause and what the mental illness is as there are no scientific tests to do this – this expert in turn ignores a patient’s cries for help who has been complaining so many times of severe side effects.  He then goes on to prescribe yet another useless drug and one of the worst that she has been on before.  Professor David Healy has cited this drug as one of the worst in cases of suicide and it is also bad for weight gain.  There are Professors attached to this hospital who do not deserve the title “Royal” in my opinion yet with all this expertise they cannot withdraw my daughter safely from Seroquel and do things completely wrong so that it is bound to fail.   There is no way I can accept their diagnoses as the leading professor did promise a drug-free period. 

Dr Tracy says it is like switching from Coke to Pepsi and any change and mixing of drugs can cause adverse behaviour. 




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