It is great that a well known person like Russell Brand speaks out on  mental health issues as many do not want to address these problems.  The article in the Evening Standard is brilliant and I totally agree with what he is saying.  It is brave to be able to speak out about your own problems and I am pleased he is making a BBC documentary.  However I wrote to him tonight to tell him who are the real abusers of drugs and they are the NHS Psychiatrists.


Sadly Elizabeth has been put on a section today and I am now having to look for solicitors.  I am worried now she is under their control they could dish out the Clozapine for which they specialise as the main care is drugs and more drugs.


The proposal to reduce her off the medication now may be put back and they were going to do it by a huge drop which would not have worked unlike Dr Tracy’s advice.


I told Russell Brand about Dr Tracy and what wonderful advice she has given me as regards withdrawal from anti-psychotic drugs.


Most of the time my daughter is on the ward but she could go out however she did not feel like talking to the nurse and I do not know yet the full picture of what happened to get  her on a Section 5.2.

The last straw for me would be for them to put her on Clozapine as this would be against her wishes and I am backing her.


The whole environment at the specialist hospital is not peaceful or good.

 I told Russell Brand what is needed is an Alternative Care Centre over here like  I even said I would be happy also to appear on such a programme as I really would like to see some changes for these poor patients and that they are given choice in care.


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