Withdrawal from Seroquel 750mg was supposed to take place this week but nothing so far has been done.   The Consultant Psychiatrist seems to be “hiding”.  He has not returned my calls.   I have therefore written to everyone in Parliament, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Andrew Lansley, Boris Johnson and my local MP.   I want this abuse stopped.   Dr Tracy says you should not be withdrawn too quickly and 2 weeks is ridiculous.  I have given the team a declaration and another one stating they will not put her on Clozapine.   I am so disgusted I feel like writing to every leading newspaper  for every country throughout the world.  Dr Tracy has the most wonderful website and I am not being paid to promote this or her book but I truly believe in what she is saying as I have seen exactly what she has described in my daughter’s behaviour/condition as a result of being on drug after drug.

Drugs mean huge money for the Pharmaceutical Industry and now I am challenging the Government in my campaign.  I have hardly begun but the last straw will be if they put her on Clozapine against her wishes I have threatened court action.


On Sunday we spent a nice day in a large town where there are trams and a beautiful shopping centre.   I feel sorry for Elizabeth as I think she is couped up on the ward most of the time.  


Dr Tracy has sent me some books and material as the team have asked for advice?  This is a leading hospital and they should know how best to get my daughter off the drugs in accordance with her wishes.   It is ridiculous how they are going about things.   If I have to take them to court then I will ask for all the scientific evidence – there are no scientific tests whatsoever to determine what causes a mental illness and the drugs do not solve the problem as my daughter still has not got over things that have happened to her.


Dr Tracy has referred a few interesting things to me such as:

an article from Atlantic Magazine titled “Lies, Damned Lies & medical science”  This is an interview with a top expert in the world saying that at this point 90% of medical research has been compromised due to undue influence by the manufacturers.  He further goes on to say he is not sure if medical science will recover from all this deception in research. She also refers me to a study by Dr Malcolm Bowers of Yale about how many people are going psychotic on these drugs which remains unrecognised and then they continue to treat them for drug induced psychosis.  HOW VERY VERY TRUE.  I CAN CERTAINLY RELATE TO THIS HAVING SEEN THIS WITH MY OWN EYES.

Anyway all too soon the day flew past and it was time to go back to the ward.  I do not go on the ward any more and prefer to wait in the corridor.  However I dropped in the Minutes I did of the meeting where I took along some very interesting dvds which the Consultant Psychiatrist was quick to dismiss including one person from my family who stars in a dvd called Schizophrenia.  This person is fine now and drug free.  What about my father who was given Seroquel and Rispiridon for Alzheimers.   He suffered a heart attack – at the time I did not relate this to the drugs but I am sure this was the cause and the cause of her aggression. 


These drugs are extremely harmful and I have met someone else who tells me that the person she cares for has been affected by Clozapine yet the FDA still allow drugs to continue to be on the market and I have complained to them many times regarding Seroquel and they do not care to listen.

Dr Tracy testifies to the FDA on drugs like this and the withdrawal from them and her advice should NOT be dismissed.


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