This is what was said today and I argued that it takes a year or more to come off a high dosage of highly toxic medication and has to be done very carefully but the psychiatrist was not listening.  Fortunately I am in touch with Dr Tracy of www.drugawareness.org who has given me superb advice along with her FDA testimonies which I produced at the meeting today to show the team.   This will not be done sucessfully and they need to think again as my daughter has suffered quite enough.  It was also mentioned that the local team could withdraw funding at any time.    I am going to deal with this issue in such a way that they will not wish to do this.


After meeting we went into the local town, had lunch out,  got Elizabeth’s hair done nicely and then went to the cimena afterwards.  I made a point of photocopying the invaluable advice Dr Tracy has given me on drug withdrawal to pass on to the team so they have no excuse for doing htings wrong.




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