Went to visit Elizabeth today.  Took ages to get there as I did not have the car – still in the garage being repaired.   Elizabeth looked terrible with bruises all over her face – said it was an accident.  I had prior arranged for her to be allowed off the ward and decided to wait in the hallway outside but waited for ages until eventually I had to ring the bell.   A nurse brought Elizabeth to me and then said he would have to check to see if he was needed to accompany us out.   I told him surely I could spend some time alone with my daughter and if he did not trust me I could give him good references as I was up until recently training to be a police officer but could not continue with the course because of all these problems.


Anyway we went for a nice meal in a local tapas bar and then went into the local small town and it was soon time to go back.  Elizabeth wanted to go to the cinema but I had to say there was not time as it would have made us too late and then staff may not be willing to allow her out with me again.  Elizabeth liked the pet shop up the road as she adores animals.   She also wanted to see the babies in a special unit near the ward but this was not allowed.   Together we walked through the beautiful grounds and saw the facilities.   The family were not happy with me today and blamed me for putting her on this “dreadful apalling ward”  which is miles away however there is no hope for Elizabeth if she is not responding to medication and desperately wishes to come off it and certainly it is not doing her any good and will kill her on this high dosage. The Professor promised to take her off for a drug free assessment and that is why I agreed for her to go there.  I have previously highlighted at least 9 medications they have given her  under the local NHS mental health team and then on top there was that for her skin as the drugs made her skin itchy and irritable.  Anyway, we had a nice day together despite the poor weather and the rest of the family are threatening to go to their MPs to complain about the ward and her being there but I told them to wait as I have a meeting Friday with the team and in any case, I hope the team listen this time.  Elizabeth once said “why wont they listen, Mum”.   Whilst the ward is not nice and secure like a prison the surrounding grounds and facilities are great.   For the first time I looked around and saw a wonderful art and craft centre, a swimming pool and lovely restaurant and beautiful flowers everywhere.  There was also a lovely church and Elizabeth lit a candle.  Together we prayed – I hoped that Elizabeth did not see that I was in tears.   I believe that if this more specialised hospital listens for a change and maybe takes on board some of Dr Ann Blake-Tracy’s advice then I can only hope and pray that Elizabeth can be free from the hell she is experiencing as a result of these harmful mind-altering prescribed drugs.

Never a drug taker herself or one to drink in the past,  these prescribed drugs can lead to such addictions which is really shocking.

I hope Elizabeth can be saved but if they do nothing then the whole family with come together and we will all complain – that is the first time ever as it has only been me who has complained about the care in the past which is all about drugs as you can see.  At least in terms of facilities there is more at the specialist hospital than anything at local level but local care should also be improved in this respect in my opinion.  A patient should not just be left to go downhill to such an extent as Elizabeth has done.  A patient also needs more support than is given in the community on release from hospital and this is why all too often care in the community fails.  Once a patient has become institutionalised they need a lot of support but social services do not listen and I believe it is down to money. 

On the door of the ward is a picture of a lovely dog.   The dog is a “sniffer dog”  looking for drugs – I joked about this and said there is nothing but drugs on this ward – drugs that are plied by the staff to patients who ultimately suffere the consequences in terms of health later on in life.





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