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I have seen my daughter today. 


I am allowed to take her briefly off the ward which I did.    Her mood was a bit unstable but going out for a drive helped her to calm down.  We all went for lunch out somewhere peaceful in the countryside.


We visited a hairdressers where my younger daughter had an appointment and then went home to see the pet kitten.    Unfortunately her mood was becoming a bit unstable so I took her out for another drive and we went shopping and then dropped her back to the ward.


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and my younger daughter is cooking dinner for me.   I do not know yet whether I can have Elizabeth over – that depends on how she is.  


It is the drugs that are making her unstable in her behaviour and I cannot wait until the process of reduction is in place.  


I am in touch with experts in the States and wish to advise everyone of further links:

Apparently withdrawal is more dangerous than continuing on medication.  It is therefore very important that this be done very very slowly over a period of about a year or so under supervision of a qualified specialist. 

It will be interesting to see how things go with my daughter at the specialist hospital – it is good to have this knowledge in mind as the teams are often dismissive towards carers/families.


I am hoping that my younger daughter will film “Fluffy” as I will put him on You Tube and I am sure that any films of him will attract more attention than whatever I write but I think that everyone should be aware of what is going on and if this draws attention to my website then I will be happy.  

Having a pet – cat or dog is very good for someone who is suffering from the effects of mental illness – in fact it is more beneficial than all the drugs in the world and I have seen this at first hand.


I wish to draw people to the website of the Soteria Group who are trying to set up  Alternative Care in this country.   There is some interesting research done by a Mr Robert Whittaker.


It is shocking to hear these psychiatrists getting one thing after the other wrong on the dvd I have – I have asked for scientific evidence from Elizabeth’s Psychiatrist – every time I question him he tries to move on and change the subject.   This expert appears to dismiss the diagnosis of another expert in the files and it is lucky I obtained them and even more lucky that I appointed a private Orthomolecular Psychiatrist myself as I have discovered the main thing on offer is just drugs and this is not the answer.


I cannot see a future for my daughter if she is left to be on these harmful chemicals that do not work and she will be placed in a specialist hospital miles away from the family.   


Now that I have seen an expert from this specialist hospital claims to have come up with a diagnosis in just 2 minutes you can be sure I will be keeping an eye on what is going on.  I only wish I could have seen these dvds earlier and now I am looking into other research by experts in the States too which may interest others.


I am sorry for the patients left to languish on wards and every ward should be like Cambion Four Star Wards.   I would urge everyone to look at their site as well.    This is how a ward should be !  especially as they value patient involvement and patients know best.

I will write about Mother’s Day tomorrow and hope that my younger daughter will take some good films for me.





I do not normally post anything mid-week on this site but today managed to speak to the Consultant currently in charge of the care of my daughter.

The Consultant is convinced in the diagnosis given by the team – yet there is conflict of opinion from another specialist.   The Consultant believes in drugging patients with harmful medication even if it is against their wishes.    I asked him on what scientific evidence did he base his opinion on the current diagnosis and he could not answer this question and tried to change the subject. 


There is still no news as regards the transfer to the specialist hospital and it could take weeks –  what a waste!   In the meantime she is being drugged up to her neck on harmful chemicals and I am not at all happy about this.   There is no reason why this should be occurring against a patient’s wish – this is abuse!     They do not care –  it is far easier to keep someone on the drugs than take them off which can take up to a year to be done safely.  


I offered to lend the doctor my dvd I obtained from the CCHR but he declined.  


I requested he liaise with the private psychiatrist I appointed who gave a fabulous prescription of vitamin/mineral supplements.   He is an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist and I suggested that he should look into becoming an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist himself – this should be provided within the NHS.  This is what is lacking – drugs after drugs – that is all that is on offer.  It is apalling care and abuse.


How can a psychiatrist see what is in someone’s head –  how do they come to their conclusions.   There are over 400 diagnoses to choose from in the Diagnosis Statistical Manual and there is big money to be made in having patients for life. 


Noone cares about these patients who are vulnerable and not able to speak up for themselves – they are just dumped on an acute ward where they do not get better and return time and time again.  


One patient said “everything is plastic here”   I know what she means. 


The atmosphere is not peaceful –  it is noisy – the patients are often distressed.  


During the day things are orderly but it is at night time when you get to see what is really going on.   There is nothing to do on the ward at weekends.  This is no place to get better and the same patients return time and time again.


I am going to talk at the weekend all about how wards should be and the fabulous Cambian 4 Star Wards.  

As far as the NHS care goes they have failed my daughter.   What good is one specialist hospital – how can that serve everyone who needs alternative treatment.   Everyone is an individual.  The care is simply NOT WORKING.   I am greatly in favour of the NHS reforms as far as mental health care goes.   The patients should have a say like they do in the running of the wards at Cambian 4 Star Wards where they are made to feel useful and make valuable contributions in terms of their ideas of improvement.  Patients are valued and feel special on Cambian 4 Star Wards whereas they are made to feel like nothing under the local mental health trust.


It looks unlikely there will  be good news about her transfer this week and how much longer is this going to take thanks to the team’s mistakes.      

One thing is for sure the medication Seroquel is the cause of hallucinations, the very effects/symptoms of Schizophrenia which my daughter did not suffer form in the first instance.  It causes terrible panic attacks, nightmares, weight gain, aggression, tiredness and these are just a few things.   I have written several times but the FDA has done nothing!  This drug should be banned.    Medication is not the answer and there needs to be something better in place like CBT.

Above are some useful links to other websites which will be interesting to carers/patients alike.  


Starwards are the fabulous wards that are geared towards individual patients, which are funded by the NHS but this is generally not well known.  This was refused to my daughter yet I found out that others were offered this facility.


Revelations UK is a fabulous website set up by a mother in support of her daughter.   I would fully recommend anyone looks at this.


The CCHR is gaining more and more recognition as a leading mental health watchdog.   Thank goodness for them as I trusted these so called professionals before and now I know the truth.  They supplied to me the most informative dvds That I would recommend anyone sees.  You only  have to look at the title of my post to see what these experts have in mind.  Not all are like this  because I managed to find an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist but I believe the majority driven by prescribiing harmful chemicals that do not work for some at all.  Four diagnoses in the file point to the fact they do not know what they are talking about.

Soteria is a group trying to set up Alternative care which is much needed in this country.  Patients have the right to have choice in care but there is none at persent – all too often they are kept down and ignored.     I would like to see ternative care centres set up in this country.



Today it was nice weather so this morning I decided to go to a Farmer’s Market which was very nice.   The Farmers Market on Sundays is held in a beautiful location and there was much choice in good good to buy.   I then came home, got on with a few chores before writing a letter to the Doctor on behalf of my daughter.   Every week I am chasing for the place at the leading hospital that they promised .   This week they are supposed to chase up this appointment and I will make sure this is done.   This doctor should be liaising with the specialist I appointed to see how best they can reduce my daughter right now.   


I went to visit her – she was not herself at all today and the ward was noisy and there was commotion going on with a patient who was very upset at not being allowed out and wanting to smoke.  This noisy environment is not the place to get better and the treatment is drugs and nothing much else.   There is no garden to sit out and nothing to do at weekends.


I am allowed to take her off the ward so I did even though she was not well but took her to a quiet and lovely park with beautiful views not far away from where I live.    By this time she had calmed down.   I then bought lunch for my daughter and we went to a lovely pub down many country lanes where there were animals and she loves animals.  


I have started to film the pet kitten who is called Fluffy and will feature clips of films on You Tube shortly.


Unfortunately my daughter was not well enough to write herself this week but she has written things in the past and I will ask her permission to feature this next week.


Next week I will speak more about the shocking care  and then I will write about care in the community. 



I have just returned from visiting my daughter on the local acute ward.  It has now been over a month and she is still stuck on the ward with other acutely ill patients, drugged up to her neck on harmful chemicals that do not even work and have changed her beyond recognition.    Today, the rest of the family, grandparents and father visited separately and were astonished at her decline.  

I gave them the dvds to watch that I obtained from the CCHR website which I would fully recommend that anyone in a similar position sees.   One of the best dvds I watched is called “Diagnostic & Statistical Manual – Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam”.   I am allowed to take my daughter off the ward for a short time and brought her home with me and together we watched this dvd. I do not believe in hiding anything from her.  It was truly shocking to see the extent of the abuse going on with eminent psychiatrists and psychologists being interviewed and freely speaking about what is going on, some of them laughing.    


It is all down to making money.   One psychiatrist said something like “prescribe away and you will have a patient for life”  – how very true because, once on these drugs you cannot just come off them.  It was also shocking to see how many different diagnoses there are as time goes on – these are constantly increasing.  


My family were told the drugs were not addictive when in fact in order to come off you need specialist help and careful supervision, as the withdrawal from these drugs can be very dangerous in terms of risk of suicide -the drugs themselves cause violence and aggression – the sort of thing that suddenly brings huge media attention when an incident occurs such as a multiple shooting or similar – this reaches headline news.    Sadly most of these patients are helpless and vulnerable and of no harm to anyone but themselves – it is so very sad to se as they do not get proper support and once dumped back into society, there is not any kind of backup care in place for some.   I do not see many visitors on the ward and there is nothing much for patients to do there, especially at weekends.    I have witnessed patients screaming out for cigarettes and often this is ignored by staff who just sit in their offices.  


Getting back to the dvd, my daughter showed quite an interest in this because also it featured how quickly these so called experts can come up with a diagnosis without spending much time with a patient and without any scientific backup.  The dvd contained under cover filming of someone posing as a patient visiting specialists.    The Psychiatrists have this Diagnostic Statistical Manual with so very many different so called diagnoses listed to choose from so it is easy to label someone wrongly and there was also a part on the film that showed this being done when not one but three different experts got patients selected at random wrong with the diagnoses.   


Getting back to Elizabeth, she has been labelled four times now and none of the medication has worked and the team have come to the conclusion she is “treatment resistant”.   I believe the drugs are what are causing her great harm and will lead to long term health problems such as diabetes and affect heart, liver, kidneys etc if she is not taken off them which is what I want in accordance with her wishes.   They do not work, are a waste of money and I do not want any further experimentation done on her but it will not be easy to get her off 750mg of Seroquel (Quetiapane).   You cannot just come off this medication and it has to be done extremely slowly under the guidance of professionals and in a safe environment. 


The specialist doctor is supposed to be taking her off the medication completely but having seen this interesting and informative dvd how can you ever trust these experts again.   There was one from a famous hospital called Maudsley who laughingly said it took him just 2 minutes to come up with a diagnosis.  This is shocking.  

I would recommend people see this particular dvd and others available through the CCHR who do a wonderful job in informing people of what is truly happening.   I only wish I knew about this earlier on as I would not have let them experiment like they have done. 


I still do not rule out my daughter getting better one day but it will be a slow process and that will never happen whilst she is on these drugs.   Taking someone off is bound to throw their behaviour off balance and I have made sure I obtained my daughter’s consent to check and see what is going on when she is transferred to the leading specialist hospital.  


I do not know how long she will be left on this ward because of a dreadful error by the team in not checking to see if my daughter had a place at this specialist hospital and she lost the place as the letter was sent to a doctor no longer employed by them.  Now she has to wait and all the time she is getting worse.  


The new Orthomolecular Psychiatrist I have appointed myself prescribed various vitamin/mineral supplements and I am going to have to insist that the medical team at the local hospital give these to my daughter as they may help in her being reduced.    They are abusing her human rights and other patients and some are intelligent on the wards and have voiced their distress.  


The UK is supposed to be a civilised country but I am afraid this is not the case.   I have seen the most apalling things going on in the wards and when mistakes are made, they are covered up.   It is a good thing I obtained the files but despite my daughter’s consent the team do not want me to see the latest files.  I dread to think what else they have to hide.   Needless to say I have been labelled myself in the files in a shocking manner by some of these professionals who do not like it when challenged.  


The professionals get away with a lot because patients are too weak or afraid to speak up and carers do not have the strength to.   I have the strength to stand up to them all on behalf of my daughter and would welcome the chance to give the whole matter worldwide publicity.


Tomorrow I will again visit my daughter and may get her to write something herself and I have told the rest of the patients they are most welcome to write on this site their feelings about the care.

There is a lot of uproar at the moment about NHS care and reforms but I personally think huge reforms are needed under the mental health as I have seen several patients back on the ward yet again not getting any better.   There needs to be a complete overhaul so that patients do get better and have access to more specialised units or projects even if these are not in the local area – I believe there is no choice for patients and relatives like myself would be prepared to send their daughters and sons somewhere much nicer than a hospital environment where they are listened to and attention is paid to nutrition and Orthomolecular Psychiatrists are employed like the specialist I appointed.  There is no such place in this country and I would be prepared to send  Elizabeth anywhere in the world where I could find such wonderful care.


I had to turn to the private sector in the end as regards my daughter’s care and whilst researching matters came across a wonderful organisation where wards are geared for the individual and ideas are put into practise by the patients themselves who even get involved in the running of the wards. I will feature this in another blog. Patients are left to feel useless and give up once they are labelled – there is nothing to stimulate or encourage them to do anything and some lose hope – there is also the factor of the harmful drugs and these are often increased when a patient is sent to the hospital.  I have seen patients begging to come off them and no one listens because of these evil psychiatrists who carry on drugging them on harmful chemicals that do not even work.

If my daughter is well enough I will get her to write something tomorrow on this site.  I intend to speak more about the care under the NHS before turning my attention to the care in the community and the Government/British Pharmaceutical Industry who make a fortune out of these “lifetime patients”. 

I am now going to write a little about the awful care provided.

The NHS care provided is centred mainly around drugs – prescribed drugs.  There is no choice in treatment.  My first concern was about the addictive nature of the drugs and I was told by one of the first psychiatrists that these drugs were not addictive.   I only wish I knew what I know now.   I was told along with my daughter you have to be on them for the rest of your life when in fact this is rubbish. However, the fact is you cannot just come off these drugs easily and you need professional help and this is not readily available.

Elizabeth is currently on a ward she describes as “prison”.   She is not allowed out unaccompanied since she has gone missing and due to her vulnerability.  She is on a very high dosage of the anti-psychotic drug Seroquel or (Quetiapane).  My father who had Alzheimers was also on this extremely harmful so called medication.  I have already complained to the FDA about the side effects of this drug and contacted the manufacturers, Astra Zeneca.   They said they were willing to contact the team however they were forbidden to speak to me further because of the fact they are governed by the British Pharmaceutical Industry.  Elizabeth has begged many times to come off the medication but noone has listened ———–up until now – up until I have had to challenge the whole team which I will go into later on. 

Anyway the “care” has been medication on the whole and little else.  The various Psychiatrists have been forced to admit to me that they prescribe on a “trial and error basis”.  This medication is extremely harmful and can lead to heart, lung, liver problems and diabetes/serious side effects.  They are the cause of suicide and homicide and severe anxiety/hallucinations in my daughter’s case and aggression/violence.

The first medication prescribed was Cipralix – an anti-depressant.  This made my daughter’s face itchy to the point she was scratching at her face all the time, resulting in scars.  It made her aggressive and she suffered from severe headaches.

The next drug was an anti-psychotic called Rispiridon – again this was supplied to my father who had Alzheimers.   This caused massive weight gain and she felt terrible on it.    Because of this, the psychiatrist prescribed a newer drug he praised highly called Aripraprazol.    This was about the worst drug yet I saw it recommended on the site of NICE guidelines.  This drug was supposed not to lead to high increased weight gain but instead I thought my daughter was suffering from bullimia – she just did not get on with this drug.   I started to look up the side effects as I could see at first hand my daughter was suffering.   “Elizabeth” took herself off Aripraprazol as she did with Cipralix and she was OK at first for weeks on end.    Then after an evening out at a nice show her behaviour went beyond control so I took her to a neighbouring NHS trust Hospital to see if they could give her something to calm herself down.  After a serious incident there she was taken in and admitted there but just for a week before being sent back to this area’s awful acute wards which at the time had cubicles for bedrooms.  I visited her the next day but she was still disturbed however they wanted to discharge her after her admission which was wrong.  ON seeing the ward I was glad I brought her as there had been an extremely serious incident that happened to my daughter whilst under the care of the Day Hospital of the local hospital but unfortunately this was shortlived as she got sent back to the home area.


The neighbouring NHS Trust hospital then prescribed Olanzapane which again I looked up and to my dismay I was horrified by what I had found out about this harmful drug and when I found this out I challenged the team  who changed the medication to Quetiapane or (Seroquel).  This was the same as my father’s changed prescription.  Now the team want to change the medication to Clozaril which is against my daughter’s wishes and requires monthly blood checks for serious side effects.  I am backing her to hilt as none of these harmful drugs have worked so far.  They have in fact made her ten times worse.   The awful thing is I have discovered you cannot just come off them you need help.   It is easy to relapse on a low dosage and end up suffering from psychosis. 


Worst of all I started asking for the medical files and discovered several different diagnoses, some conflicting. 


I then started my campaign for my daughter who wished to come off the drugs and no-one listened to her so I appointed the most wonderful psychiatrist under the private sector.


I wish to refer everyone to the most wonderful publication which I will talk about next week obtainable through the CCHR website.   This is called Diagnosis & Statistical Manual – Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam.    My daughter enjoyed watching this with me and this wonderful DVD has exposed the abuse that is going on as it contained interviews with top leading professionals who had to admit that diagnoses were not based on scientific evidence.

Next week I will write more about this and hopefully, I will get around to posting some pictures of the area in which I live.   

Despite the awful situation of having a daughter on an acute ward I do try to spend some quality time with her.   I had her off the ward yesterday and today took her to the cinema where she saw a lovely film called the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.   I then took her back to the ward where she is still awaiting placement at the specialist hospital but this could take a few more weeks yet much to my dismay.

This is my 2nd blog.  

My daughter is still stuck on the acute ward she calls “prison”.   Still no news of when she will be transferred to a more specialised hospital and the hospital have been told to chase this up in two weeks time.   Meanwhile my daughter is inviting all the other patients to join her! 

I am now going back over time to look at the diastrous/dreadful care given to my daughter under the local NHS Trust which has led to her serious decline.

In the first instance, she was put on anti-depressants (Cipralix) by her GP but this did not work and made her skin itchy which led to her scratching her face and causing scars.   She had a job around this time which did not work out for her but then seemed to have no thinking ability once on these drugs.

The anti-depressant above also led to aggression and behaviour was at timesvery strange.   Anyway, my daughter was suffering more and more side effects including headaches that she decided to take herself off the , I would not advise anyone to do this without medical assistance.   At the time I knew very little about medications and trusted the doctors but I did look up the side effects of this drug but at the same time, supported my daughter’s decision.    She had been given a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to go abroad and work as a “companion” to a friend of a friend and she was at the same time placed on a waiting list to see the community mental health team and she had been waiting for months on end for this – suddenly the team were interested now that this opportunity had come about.   They highly recommended the trip abroad and diagnosed her with “nothing wrong” and felt her problems were within the home environment when in fact I had discovered shocking emails that indicated abuse – nothing to do with the family.  So, the trip went ahead, despite me having reservations and begging for them to keep her in under observation as I did not want anything to go wrong.   This was ignored by the team who refused to admit her under observation into hospital before the trip.    Anyway the trip abroad was a disaster and had to be rearranged as she missed the flight and then she was back within a week – lost luggage and money and not in a good state of mind. She was living at home at the time but other members of the family were at risk from such behaviour.    She was diagnosed with  Treatment Team) were involved but soon reduced their visits to the home.   At last she got the placement within the day hospital.  I thought that this would be good for her as I worked part time at the time and could not be at home with her all the time and was worried about the house as she had left gas on and gone out and left the front door wide open.   Key after key had been lost – once her entire handbag and other possessions besides.

Transport was arranged to pick her up to take her to the day hospital because of my concerns of her vulnerability.   I visited the day hospital and was shocked to see patients just sitting around with little to do and so many activities cancelled for one reason or another.   She was appointed a care coordinator within the hospital and I had been desperately tried to get her some kind of part time job/something to do outside of the mental  health but then along came social services and the hospital “care” which I soon found out to be dreadfully lacking.   Of course sitting around with other people with not much to do led to boredom and when another patient invitied my daughter out for the day to the coast she jumped at the chance.   The patient turned out to be someone on the wards who was allowed to mix freely and described in the files as a “predatory male” who “should have been escorted everywhere”.   This led to my daughter going missing all evening and requests received for money for her safe return and police being involved in trying to find her.  Of course even worse came to light after her disappearance but this was part of my complaint that they had failed to look after someone who was on the police vulnerable person’s list and a patient who should have been closely monitored who was much older and streetwise and all of this led to a shocking outcome.   At the day hospital my daughter was seen by a psychiatrist who prescribed her with Rispiridon which she did not get on with.   She was soon to be prescribed with Aripraprasol on which I thought she had developed an eating disorder (bullimia).   This dreadful medication caused my daughter to feel awful as did the Rispiridon which caused excessive weight gain – she begged to come off the Aripraprazol too and I supported her as I was so concerned to see the effects of this dreadful medication. Whilst at the day centre she had a care coordinator who herself came in crying her eyes out at work because of “marriage problems” according to my daughter and this led to her being off for weeks and weeks on end.   This led to the decline in care and nothing much being offered for my daughter to do and move on with  her life.   Noone wanted to take responsibility in the team for my daughter when she went missing stating she was entitled to do whatever she wanted as she was a voluntary patient and they could not stop her.   There was no apology and no support from the team about the dreadful incidents occurring whilst she had disappeared which led to me visiting 2 firms of solicitors as the Healthcare Commission had described the care as “satisfactory” however the Chief Executive of the Trust was forced to back down on her claims that the care was “excellent” and forced to be nicer in the way she responded to me in correspondence which was extremely dismissive.   The result of the findings of two separate firms of solicitors were that the mental health trust was “negligent” and “failed in their duty of care”.  This shows that the findings of the Healthcare Commission at the time were simply not correct because on each occasion my daughter was there in person to see the solicitors and tell them in her own words what happened as I wanted decent care and the team to listen.   Things did not go to court – one firm did not offer legal aid and the other said the amount of compensation that would have been offered would be less than than costs and I was left with little hope of success and felt more harm would be done to my daughter in the circumstances.   This incident duly led to my daughter not being able to go to the local mental health facility group she attended because the manager showed concern that she was at risk through further incidents occurring within that environment.    So, I felt I had to pull her out of the day hospital and the other group she attended elsewhere as a result of everything so suddenly my daughter was at home coming off medication with no support, no help – nothing from this uncaring team.   The hospital had washed their hands and the social services were hopeless and uncaring.   I did not want her to have a care coordinator who herself had huge personal problems who had been off for weeks on end and suddenly returned to work.   I wanted her transferred to the team of my father where there were good social workers who listened but the team said this was not possible – in other words no choice.    The only good thing about the hospital was the social group run by an ex patient who used to pick my daughter up in the evening and take her home after various social events/evenings with a group of other mental ill people but decent people – I was so happy that she was in nice company.   Once leaving the day  hospital these social outings came to an end and there was nothing to do and only myself to try to get things put in place.  It was as though the team had just washed their hands of her.

Anyway she was no nil medication and doing well but then a night out at a theatre changed all of that.   Something triggered her off and then came the behavior that I could not cope with but because of what had happened I took h er in the car to another nearby mental health trust as I did not feel she was safe under the local one.  I will not go into detail what  happened on arrival but she got admitted there and I felt this was good


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