At long last the day has come and the move went well.  I was not there to take her and my car is being fixed in any case but I have spoken to her and she says the place is very nice and spacious.  It is in a quiet area.   Whilst the grounds surrounding the local hospital are very nice too, unfortunately the wards need to be improved drastically.   With this specialist hospital staff have already been in touch with  me and wanted to listen – this is communication – at long last!   Meanwhile Elizabeth has invited everyone to join her at the ward but this care is not readily available and it should be in my opinion available to everyone.  The acute wards should only be used for very short term stays and if a patient is not getting better then they should be moved to this specialist unit without having to speak up to the extent I have had to and fight for this to be in place whilst all the time watching her deteriorate. 


I will not be able to visit until the weekend as it is too far away but I am happy that I believe the are is better however I am still worried what they are going to do about the drugs.   These harmful chemicals are the cause of my daughter’s behaviour and she needs to come off them.   They are going to take her off them as far as I am concerned but just to  make sure this is done properly I am signing up for membership to www.drugsawareness.org – on this wonderful site is expert advice on how to come off these chemicals safely.   It is a good thing to have knowledge about this when you are dealing with any teams.




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