Mothers Day

Had a nice day today and dinner cooked by my younger daughter who when to pick up Elizabeth from the ward.   She was very quiet and did not speak much today at all.    She bought me flowers and chocolates.  It was nice to all be together,particularly as her behaviour was good.

The weekends are special to me as I work during the week and am not home much.   I try to make the most of my time with Elizabeth as the rest of the family are not often around at home.  There is not a day that I do not think about Elizabeth and wonder what she is doing, how she is coping etc.   All the time I am hoping for some good news – the transfer to the specialist hospital.


We did not go out anywhere today but stayed in and watched a video at home and all too soon it was time to go home.


Before I took Elizabeth back to the ward I showed her this site and comments written –  I think it is extremely brave of someone to speak out about their condition and talk openly about it.    Dina thank you very much for your comments.


I made sure I dropped a letter for the Consultant Psychiatrist on the ward – I was not happy with his recent letter at all – he states he is sure that my daughter’s condition is that of the whole team but another top professional disputes this.   Besides having watched the wonderful dvd from the CCHR I will never believe another diagnosis again.


Conditions on the ward were awful tonight – the atmosphere volatile with 2 patients aggressively arguing and staff on standby.  This tense and noisy atmosphere is no place for anyone to get better.


I have been in touch with patients and professionals from the States and in the meantime have been invited out by my support group, many of whom do not yet know about my website.  


Some pictures/film have been taken of Fluffy our pet kitten.    He likes to watch the TV when football is on.   I will be posting these very soon.


I hope there will be good news this week of a date.    Elizabeth has written to a patient’s support group asking them to tell me to do everything I can to move her soon – this is her one hope.    There is no future for her whilst on these harmful chemicals – she will never ever get better on these drugs.   Some patients are happy on the drugs – all well and good but others have adverse reaction to them like my daughhter.


Sadly the weekend has come to an end and I do not see anything of Elizabeth during the week as I get home from work too late.


Not only will I be posting pictures but I have the permission of my daughter to post some of the writing she did whilst in hopsital a while back and I will do this shortly.   She is in no fit state to write anything at the moment.



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