I have seen my daughter today. 


I am allowed to take her briefly off the ward which I did.    Her mood was a bit unstable but going out for a drive helped her to calm down.  We all went for lunch out somewhere peaceful in the countryside.


We visited a hairdressers where my younger daughter had an appointment and then went home to see the pet kitten.    Unfortunately her mood was becoming a bit unstable so I took her out for another drive and we went shopping and then dropped her back to the ward.


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and my younger daughter is cooking dinner for me.   I do not know yet whether I can have Elizabeth over – that depends on how she is.  


It is the drugs that are making her unstable in her behaviour and I cannot wait until the process of reduction is in place.  


I am in touch with experts in the States and wish to advise everyone of further links:

Apparently withdrawal is more dangerous than continuing on medication.  It is therefore very important that this be done very very slowly over a period of about a year or so under supervision of a qualified specialist. 

It will be interesting to see how things go with my daughter at the specialist hospital – it is good to have this knowledge in mind as the teams are often dismissive towards carers/families.


I am hoping that my younger daughter will film “Fluffy” as I will put him on You Tube and I am sure that any films of him will attract more attention than whatever I write but I think that everyone should be aware of what is going on and if this draws attention to my website then I will be happy.  

Having a pet – cat or dog is very good for someone who is suffering from the effects of mental illness – in fact it is more beneficial than all the drugs in the world and I have seen this at first hand.


I wish to draw people to the website of the Soteria Group who are trying to set up  Alternative Care in this country.   There is some interesting research done by a Mr Robert Whittaker.


It is shocking to hear these psychiatrists getting one thing after the other wrong on the dvd I have – I have asked for scientific evidence from Elizabeth’s Psychiatrist – every time I question him he tries to move on and change the subject.   This expert appears to dismiss the diagnosis of another expert in the files and it is lucky I obtained them and even more lucky that I appointed a private Orthomolecular Psychiatrist myself as I have discovered the main thing on offer is just drugs and this is not the answer.


I cannot see a future for my daughter if she is left to be on these harmful chemicals that do not work and she will be placed in a specialist hospital miles away from the family.   


Now that I have seen an expert from this specialist hospital claims to have come up with a diagnosis in just 2 minutes you can be sure I will be keeping an eye on what is going on.  I only wish I could have seen these dvds earlier and now I am looking into other research by experts in the States too which may interest others.


I am sorry for the patients left to languish on wards and every ward should be like Cambion Four Star Wards.   I would urge everyone to look at their site as well.    This is how a ward should be !  especially as they value patient involvement and patients know best.

I will write about Mother’s Day tomorrow and hope that my younger daughter will take some good films for me.





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