The Psychiatrist’s View Today

I do not normally post anything mid-week on this site but today managed to speak to the Consultant currently in charge of the care of my daughter.

The Consultant is convinced in the diagnosis given by the team – yet there is conflict of opinion from another specialist.   The Consultant believes in drugging patients with harmful medication even if it is against their wishes.    I asked him on what scientific evidence did he base his opinion on the current diagnosis and he could not answer this question and tried to change the subject. 


There is still no news as regards the transfer to the specialist hospital and it could take weeks –  what a waste!   In the meantime she is being drugged up to her neck on harmful chemicals and I am not at all happy about this.   There is no reason why this should be occurring against a patient’s wish – this is abuse!     They do not care –  it is far easier to keep someone on the drugs than take them off which can take up to a year to be done safely.  


I offered to lend the doctor my dvd I obtained from the CCHR but he declined.  


I requested he liaise with the private psychiatrist I appointed who gave a fabulous prescription of vitamin/mineral supplements.   He is an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist and I suggested that he should look into becoming an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist himself – this should be provided within the NHS.  This is what is lacking – drugs after drugs – that is all that is on offer.  It is apalling care and abuse.


How can a psychiatrist see what is in someone’s head –  how do they come to their conclusions.   There are over 400 diagnoses to choose from in the Diagnosis Statistical Manual and there is big money to be made in having patients for life. 


Noone cares about these patients who are vulnerable and not able to speak up for themselves – they are just dumped on an acute ward where they do not get better and return time and time again.  


One patient said “everything is plastic here”   I know what she means. 


The atmosphere is not peaceful –  it is noisy – the patients are often distressed.  


During the day things are orderly but it is at night time when you get to see what is really going on.   There is nothing to do on the ward at weekends.  This is no place to get better and the same patients return time and time again.


I am going to talk at the weekend all about how wards should be and the fabulous Cambian 4 Star Wards.  

As far as the NHS care goes they have failed my daughter.   What good is one specialist hospital – how can that serve everyone who needs alternative treatment.   Everyone is an individual.  The care is simply NOT WORKING.   I am greatly in favour of the NHS reforms as far as mental health care goes.   The patients should have a say like they do in the running of the wards at Cambian 4 Star Wards where they are made to feel useful and make valuable contributions in terms of their ideas of improvement.  Patients are valued and feel special on Cambian 4 Star Wards whereas they are made to feel like nothing under the local mental health trust.


It looks unlikely there will  be good news about her transfer this week and how much longer is this going to take thanks to the team’s mistakes.      

One thing is for sure the medication Seroquel is the cause of hallucinations, the very effects/symptoms of Schizophrenia which my daughter did not suffer form in the first instance.  It causes terrible panic attacks, nightmares, weight gain, aggression, tiredness and these are just a few things.   I have written several times but the FDA has done nothing!  This drug should be banned.    Medication is not the answer and there needs to be something better in place like CBT.


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