Above are some useful links to other websites which will be interesting to carers/patients alike.  


Starwards are the fabulous wards that are geared towards individual patients, which are funded by the NHS but this is generally not well known.  This was refused to my daughter yet I found out that others were offered this facility.


Revelations UK is a fabulous website set up by a mother in support of her daughter.   I would fully recommend anyone looks at this.


The CCHR is gaining more and more recognition as a leading mental health watchdog.   Thank goodness for them as I trusted these so called professionals before and now I know the truth.  They supplied to me the most informative dvds That I would recommend anyone sees.  You only  have to look at the title of my post to see what these experts have in mind.  Not all are like this  because I managed to find an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist but I believe the majority driven by prescribiing harmful chemicals that do not work for some at all.  Four diagnoses in the file point to the fact they do not know what they are talking about.

Soteria is a group trying to set up Alternative care which is much needed in this country.  Patients have the right to have choice in care but there is none at persent – all too often they are kept down and ignored.     I would like to see ternative care centres set up in this country.



Today it was nice weather so this morning I decided to go to a Farmer’s Market which was very nice.   The Farmers Market on Sundays is held in a beautiful location and there was much choice in good good to buy.   I then came home, got on with a few chores before writing a letter to the Doctor on behalf of my daughter.   Every week I am chasing for the place at the leading hospital that they promised .   This week they are supposed to chase up this appointment and I will make sure this is done.   This doctor should be liaising with the specialist I appointed to see how best they can reduce my daughter right now.   


I went to visit her – she was not herself at all today and the ward was noisy and there was commotion going on with a patient who was very upset at not being allowed out and wanting to smoke.  This noisy environment is not the place to get better and the treatment is drugs and nothing much else.   There is no garden to sit out and nothing to do at weekends.


I am allowed to take her off the ward so I did even though she was not well but took her to a quiet and lovely park with beautiful views not far away from where I live.    By this time she had calmed down.   I then bought lunch for my daughter and we went to a lovely pub down many country lanes where there were animals and she loves animals.  


I have started to film the pet kitten who is called Fluffy and will feature clips of films on You Tube shortly.


Unfortunately my daughter was not well enough to write herself this week but she has written things in the past and I will ask her permission to feature this next week.


Next week I will speak more about the shocking care  and then I will write about care in the community. 




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