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  1. sharon p said:

    dear sue there is lots of questions people need to be asking like where do these so called doctors get scientific eveidance for all the mental illness that seems to have trippled in recent years and may be even more than trippled we now have the very young children whose parents are being told your child has addhd these are children who are quite clever and can find main stream school quite bland and quite boring these children are our next generation of children that are being dumbed down with cocktails of drugs just because every one seems to want an easy ride and not have a child who has lots of energy bother them these children are usealy very bright and need firm but kind handling some one who is willing to listen to them and channel their energy in the right the right direction when a child is disruptive in class drugging them is not the answer you never heard such rubbish as addhd in my day and i am not that old what most of these kids need is a firm hand and people who care not a pill wake up people befor it is to late before long you will not find a child or young adult with out some kind of made up diognoses before long we will have a nation of drug addicts courtsey of so called science it is a shamefull how parents are being led up a very long garden path come on you parents stand up for yuor rights of how to look after your children with out you even realising it your rights as parents are being slowly being eroded start to ask the so called doctors what their evidance is for all these made up illnesses start to do your own research and you will be so shocked at what lies we all get told o a daily basis just so big pharma can make them selves ever richer than they already are they are the ones that dont want us to have any choice in what we put in to our system wake up people ask questions dont just take it that these doctors knoww what they are talking about some do have a concious and thay are the ones that leave our hospitals your childrens lives are at stake if you dont look at what is eally going on i never beleived it my self once but 6 years down the line i have done so much research now that i as a decent law abiding citizen can not ignore any more i suggest you do do your research and you will be so surprised and shocked it will take you a while to absorb what you do find we never heard of addhd untill the 1980 now all of a sudden over the years almost every other child you hear of has addhd and the drug used for that is like your child taking a daily dose of speed what parent would go and buy their child that on the street besides you would have your child taken away if you did and yet these socalled doctors are prscibing for free they are that bad a pharmacy has them locked away very safley as they are classed a dangerous drug so come on parents look these drugs up that doctors are telling you to give your children on a daily basis that dont make them feel good at all i know from experiance as many years ago i was in the same circumstance with one of our daughtres and she is all grown up but she told me what it was like being on them and i must say it wasnt for that long but long enough so i urge allparents to ask lots of questions and get yourselves fully aware of the drugs on offer before you decide to agree after all they are your children not the states

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