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Elizabeth is now at the new specialist hospital under a new team however there have been the following developments: 

I received a phone call Friday from Elizabeth and I can hardly bring myself to say how upset I am.  Apparently the new Psychiatrist has mentioned about her taking Clozapane and this is despite her making it clear she does not want to go on this no end of times at previous CPAs – this must surely be documented in the files.    Now it is hard for me trust the team as a result who I have not even met yet.     I will be visiting Elizabeth tomorrow for the first time and will request to see the files as she has already given me permission.  Clozapane is an extremely dangerous prescribed drug that involves monthly blood tests as it affects the white blood cells.  Elizabeth does not want this.  What is so good about Clozapane which involves having monthly blood tests as it affects the white blood count and causes heart defects as I know from several people who have been on it and become affected.   There is no way this is some kind of wonder drug and Elizabeth did not want the blood tests.   I intend to take matters to court if this new psychiatrist goes ahead and changes the medication to this as it has been promised by the professor that she is going to come off the drugs all together.  This is what Elizabeth wants and the heading of this blog is what she requested me to do before her admission.

Elizabeth who can hardly write any more as she is too ill on these chemicals, who once enjoyed writin, wrote the following about the drug Seroquel which she is currently on and I am publishing this with her permission:

Dear …………….” I dislike the dosage fact that I am  not sure what dosage meds am on from rehab.  I’d like to come off it poss.  Please get back to me”. 

This short email was written without my prior knowledge or any encouragement by me – solely by Elizabeth and sent by email from the scheme where she was living to her social worker.   Her social worker responded with visits on more than one occasion trying to get her to go on Clozapane.   Social Services first of all denied this but I confronted the social worker and it was true just as Elizabeth had told me.  What on earth are social services doing getting involved in drug pushing to my daughter – I told the social worker it had nothing to do with her and I requested a new social worker but the team refused and my daughter was upset over this whole incident and told me all about it and how she had been ignored. 

Now to top it, all the new Psychiatrist at the leading hospital is trying to do the same and get her off Seroquel onto Clozapane.   There is no way I am going to stand by and do nothing.  I gave Elizabeth my word I will help her and will go to any lengths to do this.   Elizabeth has signed an Advanced Disclosure to the hospital saying that she wanted no further experimentation – that includes medication or ECT and it is clear that either the Professor has not passed this on or else the psychiatrist has not properly read the files.     I am furious about this as you can imagine.  I wrote back to the psychiatrist and told him that it was against my daughter’s human rights and he should not put her on Clozapane otherwise there would be legal implications involved.

I obviously cannot trust this specialist hospital and now I shall want to see the files every week to make sure what they are doing.   I was told nothing would be changed for 2 weeks as regards the medication and then I propose to  attend a meeting at the hospital in a week’s time.  I was first of all impressed by what I saw as good communication on the part of this hospital but it seems they are drug pushing as regards Clozapane which is extremely dangerous and I know of people who suffer heart defects as a result.    The Professor promised he would take her off the drugs and now I am hearing this. 

Thank God I have signed up to and am getting good advice from a professional doctor who knows a lot about these drugs and attends court as an expert witness in high profile homicide cases.  I would urge anyone in a similar position to do the same.  At the next CPA I am going to take along with me all the tapes I have from the CCHR including many interviews of laughing psychiatrists who make no secret of what kind of “care” they dish out without having any scientific evidence to back their claims.

I have already shown my daughter the shocking dvds.

I have also approached Astra Zeneca and complained to the FDA about the harmful drug Seroquel (Quetiapane).  Here are some extracts from their letter:

 We are sorry to learn your daughter has experienced these symptoms and recommend that she consults her doctor on the matter.”   ——-well I have on many occasions consulted the local team of various psychiatrist, all of whom have ignored my complaints and that of my daughter and tried to offer Clozapane instead.

The letter goes on to say the following:

As I hope you will understand we are prohibited from discussing your daughter’s individual treatment with you by the ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry) Code of Practice.”   I DO NOT UNDERSTAND – SO I THEN CONTACTED THE BRITISH PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY CHIEF EXECUTIVE WHO HAS NOT EVEN HAD THE COURTESY TO REPLY TO MY EMAIL SENT DIRECTLY ON THEIR WEBSITE.

Also, I contacted Andrew Lansley, David Cameron and Nick Clegg – not one has had the courtesy to respond to my email.     It would seem there is close connection with the British Pharmaceutical Industry and the Government.  They make a fortune out of the misery of people like my daughter stuck on harmful chemicals they cannot just come off and need professional help in which to do so.   The drug awareness website above gives such advice and you have to come off them very very slowly and over a period of a year or more.  It is supposed to be more risky to come off these drugs than remain on them BUT THIS IS WHAT ELIZABETH WANTS AND SHE HAS NO QUALITY OF LIFE AS IT IS AND I SUPPORT HER FULLY.


I will only  hope that this new psychiatrist takes note of what I am going to say at the next meeting in a week’s time and that he listens.  I fully intend to go and visit the British Pharmaceutical Industry in person and Parliament to see Mr Lansley on my next day off from work. 

For any information about the  harmful effects of Clozapane or any other harmful anti-psychotics or anti-depressants, I would recommend people to turn to the sites of drugawareness as mentioned above and also CCHR/Revelations UK.












At long last the day has come and the move went well.  I was not there to take her and my car is being fixed in any case but I have spoken to her and she says the place is very nice and spacious.  It is in a quiet area.   Whilst the grounds surrounding the local hospital are very nice too, unfortunately the wards need to be improved drastically.   With this specialist hospital staff have already been in touch with  me and wanted to listen – this is communication – at long last!   Meanwhile Elizabeth has invited everyone to join her at the ward but this care is not readily available and it should be in my opinion available to everyone.  The acute wards should only be used for very short term stays and if a patient is not getting better then they should be moved to this specialist unit without having to speak up to the extent I have had to and fight for this to be in place whilst all the time watching her deteriorate. 


I will not be able to visit until the weekend as it is too far away but I am happy that I believe the are is better however I am still worried what they are going to do about the drugs.   These harmful chemicals are the cause of my daughter’s behaviour and she needs to come off them.   They are going to take her off them as far as I am concerned but just to  make sure this is done properly I am signing up for membership to – on this wonderful site is expert advice on how to come off these chemicals safely.   It is a good thing to have knowledge about this when you are dealing with any teams.



This is the last weekend for Elizabeth in the area where she was born.

Next week she faces being transferred quite a distance away to the specialist hospital. 

Today I saw her and took her off the ward and we went to a place that is so high up you can see wonderful views of London.  Elizabeth went ice skating and after this we made our way back and stopped off to have a meal.    Throughout the day Elizabeth was unsettled and you could not have a conversation with her at all.    By the end of the day it was best not to say a word to her – that was how bad things were and at times her behaviour was quite unpredictable.   One thing for sure is that Elizabeth is extremely upset at her whole situation and there is no doubt about her feelings on the drugs that are being given and how much she wants to come off them.


I have all these papers from the specialist hospital but whilst they look impressive, I just do not know how or what they are going to do about taking her off the drugs – the whole business is extremely risky but I have to say Elizabeth has no quality of life on them and they do not work so now I am so concerned for her but at the same time happy if this hospital can do something to help her and listen to her wishes for once.  



I will not be around to help Elizabeth move things – the local hospital will deal with that however she will be near to where I work so I can visit her and see her at the weekend.   It may unsettle  her if I am there on Tuesday in any case.     I have no idea what to expect.

 Meanwhile, a patient on the ward wanted to write something.     During the week I will post some words from this patient who is extremely intelligent and has a lot to offer in terms of ideas of improvement for patients.   


I have received papers asking me whether I want to be a Governor of the local NHS Trust –  I believe they should be asking the patients and getting the patients involved as they are the people who know best and have experienced how awful if is to be on the acute wards


Next week I will write about the wonderful ideas that should be on offer for all the patients and you should not have to fight for decent care or alternative care – there must be changes made as patients are not getting better at all and patients should be listened to. 

The following was written by Elizabeth – the first piece earlier on in her treatment, the latter piece is up to date and you can tell from the writing and thoughts how she has deteriorated due to all these powerful mind-altering drugs that have done her no good whatsoever.

I have the permission of Elizabeth to display this on my site:


Being on the Ward”

“Dear Sir/Madam

I can say that I don’t like being stuck on this horrible ward.   I have recently got a bit frustrated from the amount of people on the ward when I threw a book and a chair and threw water everwhere.   I can say that it is horrible because of my small room.


I really need to be moved on because you know my life is stuck and I feel confused.   I am currently waiting for Rehab that means moving somebody somewhere you know.   Please help me get a room at Rehab.   I have a good friend at Rehab called …………………


Thank you for reading this.


Yours sincerely”  


Unfortunately it was after nearly 2 years Elizabeth got moved on to another ward – supposedly for Rehab purposes.   The friend she mentioned got moved into supportive housing and she was the only girl amongst about 9 men on a mixed ward that had separate sleeping accommodation – a recipe for disaster for a vulnerable patient.  On this ward I noticed patients just lying around not doing much at all – it was on this ward she started to smoke and this was allowed on the patio area outside the ward.  I did not want her to end up like the others, inactive, lying there on the sofas or half asleep so I booked Elizabeth on a floristry course at a local college myself and this caused uproar amongst the team.  I also tried to get her involved with a team sport (netball) which was her wish at the time and this was completely outside of the mental health, also in addition I was taking her to running and special olympics.   She was an excellent runner and once was fit enough to go running with my gym members which is more than I could have done.  Anyway, once a week when I worked part time I would pick Elizabeth up and take her to the college.   Most evenings she would go into the class but there were one or two she flatly refused to go as she did not feel well enough.   Almost every time she suffered from panic attacks before going into the class and could not breathe.   However, you should have seen her when she finished the class and came out with lovely flower arrangements that some of the nurses themselves wanted to purchase and every bit as good as what others made. She was happy, laughing – like a different person altogether.  Clearly Elizabeth has artistic talent and enjoys this sort of thing. but needed help with her written work and unfortunately although help was available if she wanted it the problem is that once someone says “no” after that no-one bothers.    “No” could have been said at a moment when Elizabeth was feeling particularly bad and no-one pursued this any further or gave any encouragement.   As a result she has no certificate to show for all her efforts – the college were upset and so was I.   The psychiatrist who was furious at the time actually said it was a good thing what I did to take her to college.  


As far as Rehab goes – everything is “in-house” – patients are not encouraged to mix outside of mental health services and I think this is totally wrong.  Her social worker said for instance that “she was happier mixing with her own kind”  How wrong this is – how can someone be integrated into society effectively.  There are lots of groups designed purely for mental health patients and some of them are good but it is not a good thing to mix solely with other patients who all have serious problems of their own.    I think there should be a mentoring scheme available where say university students, particularly those studying for nursing qualifications/psychology got involved on a one to one basis with patients like my daughter.  They could learn from meeting the families and encourage someone to do things.  A young person is more in tune with someone like my daughter than a psychiatrist for instance.   When I tried to do this and appointed someone I knew well around her age who was studying for nursing –  it caused uproar amonst the team- by this time Elizabeth was living in the community.   Patients are left to go downhill.  Elizabeth not only referred to the ward as being “like prison” but said she did not feel stimulated and also commented on being “institutionalised”.   When she was first admitted on the acute ward again I did not want her to end up like the rest and tried to get her a job – the job was working with old people where my father went to a day centre as this is what Elizabeth said she would like to do.   She got on extremely well but when they asked for a reference from the team this was not forthcoming at the time so she missed out.   Not only did Elizabeth get on with the staff but also with the old people as she was used to seeing her grandfather who had Alzheimers and by the way was on anti-psychotics – Rispiridon and Seroquel.   When you as a parent try to get involved and to help someone you get called pushy, overbearing, abusive – you name it – I have the files and have read them!

Now Elizabeth feels she cannot do anything – she has lost her confidence, suffers from panic attacks amongst other things, has no energy, no enthusiasm – does not care any more after being labelled with the serious condition of Schizophrenia but how many other diagnoses are in the files –  For instance I have the files and there is not only that condition but also Aspergers.  Who is right and who is wrong?    One expert says one thing but the majority of the experts stick together and say the other and that is why I do not trust any of them and have challenged them all.    I believe the current behaviour of Elizabeth is caused directly by the drugs and have sought outside private professional help who have confirmed this with a fully qualified Orthomolecular Psychiatrist and have taken her to a private clinic –  I am also in touch with other experts and have signed up to

People are not aware of the dangers of these drugs and what it does to people and once on them you are chemically brainwashed, weakened and they have the effect of dehumanising a person.  Many people trust these professionals and do  not know what is going on in reality.   Elizabeth has not got over bad things that have happened to her therefore the drugs have not worked but when you ask to come off them – no-one wants to know and the psychiatrists just ignore a patient who begs to come off them which is cruel and abusive to continue to ply a patient with these awful drugs against their wishes.  There are no facilities for patients to come off psychiatric drugs safely in this country and Yes it can be done but it is only when things get really severe like in the case of Elizabeth that the teams are forced to listen and do something about the situation.

Alternative care should be available for everyone in my opinion to give choice to patients.  Every NHS hospital should employ an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist.

By the way – thank you so much Dina for your contribution to the site in writing about the shocking care available – Drugs and psychiatrists are like drug pushers who experiment on a patient without having any scientific evidence behind their claims of diagnosis.    Patients and carers believe what is told to them as I once did but now I have found out the truth –  IT IS ALL DOWN TO MONEY AND THE MORE PRESCRIPTIONS THE MORE MONEY.

 Now for the second and most recent piece of writing from Elizabeth:

“Today Sun 8 January Mum’s been talking to me about having my cat live with me but unfortunately I dont feel well.  I’m still on the medicine – I have the devil attack me a lot unnecessarily.  I don’t hate the devil only the ones that expectme to respond and I cant  – not I …..dont want …..but I sometimes simply haven’t got any words to say.   I feel forced against my will.   I will only do what I need to – I have had troubles recently – people staring at me at the shopping centre.  This makes me paranoid.   I love my cat though he is very nice.

About where I live – my Mum is upset and didnt like being banned from the building where I live.  I need to go in somehwere to come off the medication.  Please could you arrange it as I feel terrible.  I get very bad headaches.  At night I get nightmares/hallucinations after I take it.  Please can I come off the medication and go in somehwere nice.”



This weekend is the last weekend ont he acute ward for Elizabeth thank goodness and I hope to see her today and we will go out somewhere as we usually do but it is a nuisance I have not got my car back from being repaired and this will restrict where we go.    


I will write later about this.

Today I have not seen anything of Elizabeth but know she is safe and well with her grandparents.   I have had the chance to catch up on things at home and have spent a good deal of the day shopping but when I got back I saw all the details of the leading hospital that Elizabeth is due to go into on Tuesday had been sent to me by post.    I skimmed through them – there certainly is a lot to read.

On the surface it sounds good however I am not going to get too excited – at the end of the day I will not be at all happy if they do not take her off the drugs that do not work in accordance with her wishes and I will become extremely outspoken as this will be against my daughter’s human rights.

I then sat down and watched more of the shocking dvds that the CCHR sent me.  I saw one called “All Fall Down”  – featuring children diagnosed with ADHD and put on Ritalin.   It showed how these drugs are a stimulant rather than drugs that calm someone down.  It contained interviews of people affected.

I then watched a dvd called “Psychiatry’s Prescription for Violence”.  In this dvd it showed the link between major homicide cases and these harmful drugs – in each and every case anti-depressants had been prescribed.

I thoroughly agree with this as I have seen the effects of anti-depressants on my daughter and then anti-psychotics.   It is every bit true that these drugs can lead to extreme violence/aggression/delusions and hallucinations amongst other things.      

Unfortunately my film which I took of Elizabeth’s kitten has not come out well.    However I will still post it on You Tube and will probably get some comments to the effect that I would qualify for the worst photographer of the year.    However just 1 photo came out well of Fluffy which I will post on this site.     No matter how bad Elizabeth is feeling and how awful her moods may be seeing the kitten has a miraculous effect.   There is no doubt that this is better than all the medication in the world.

I am going to sign up to the as this website will give me useful information bearing in mind Elizabeth’s admission into the leading specialist hospital.  

One good thing is the hospital, although a long way from where I live is not too far from where I work so I will get to see her.






At last good news has come and a placement for Elizabeth with the specialist hospital early next week.  This is the news I have been waiting for over the past months.  The hospital is a long way from home but at the end of the day, if it means something is done then this is wonderful news.

I have made sure that the team there know it takes more than a few months so I have been told by experts to come off powerful mind-altering anti-psychotics on the dosage that Elizabeth is on.   I have been told it could take up to a year and must be done on a gradual basis and very slowly.   I have also been told that coming off such drugs can be more dangerous than staying on them however if a patient is that unhappy and the drugs do not work then they should be entitled to come off the drugs.  If I had not challenged things then Elizabeth would have probably remained on them for the rest of her life.

I will keep you informed of her progress over the forthcoming weeks.

Had a nice day today and dinner cooked by my younger daughter who when to pick up Elizabeth from the ward.   She was very quiet and did not speak much today at all.    She bought me flowers and chocolates.  It was nice to all be together,particularly as her behaviour was good.

The weekends are special to me as I work during the week and am not home much.   I try to make the most of my time with Elizabeth as the rest of the family are not often around at home.  There is not a day that I do not think about Elizabeth and wonder what she is doing, how she is coping etc.   All the time I am hoping for some good news – the transfer to the specialist hospital.


We did not go out anywhere today but stayed in and watched a video at home and all too soon it was time to go home.


Before I took Elizabeth back to the ward I showed her this site and comments written –  I think it is extremely brave of someone to speak out about their condition and talk openly about it.    Dina thank you very much for your comments.


I made sure I dropped a letter for the Consultant Psychiatrist on the ward – I was not happy with his recent letter at all – he states he is sure that my daughter’s condition is that of the whole team but another top professional disputes this.   Besides having watched the wonderful dvd from the CCHR I will never believe another diagnosis again.


Conditions on the ward were awful tonight – the atmosphere volatile with 2 patients aggressively arguing and staff on standby.  This tense and noisy atmosphere is no place for anyone to get better.


I have been in touch with patients and professionals from the States and in the meantime have been invited out by my support group, many of whom do not yet know about my website.  


Some pictures/film have been taken of Fluffy our pet kitten.    He likes to watch the TV when football is on.   I will be posting these very soon.


I hope there will be good news this week of a date.    Elizabeth has written to a patient’s support group asking them to tell me to do everything I can to move her soon – this is her one hope.    There is no future for her whilst on these harmful chemicals – she will never ever get better on these drugs.   Some patients are happy on the drugs – all well and good but others have adverse reaction to them like my daughhter.


Sadly the weekend has come to an end and I do not see anything of Elizabeth during the week as I get home from work too late.


Not only will I be posting pictures but I have the permission of my daughter to post some of the writing she did whilst in hopsital a while back and I will do this shortly.   She is in no fit state to write anything at the moment.


I have seen my daughter today. 


I am allowed to take her briefly off the ward which I did.    Her mood was a bit unstable but going out for a drive helped her to calm down.  We all went for lunch out somewhere peaceful in the countryside.


We visited a hairdressers where my younger daughter had an appointment and then went home to see the pet kitten.    Unfortunately her mood was becoming a bit unstable so I took her out for another drive and we went shopping and then dropped her back to the ward.


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and my younger daughter is cooking dinner for me.   I do not know yet whether I can have Elizabeth over – that depends on how she is.  


It is the drugs that are making her unstable in her behaviour and I cannot wait until the process of reduction is in place.  


I am in touch with experts in the States and wish to advise everyone of further links:

Apparently withdrawal is more dangerous than continuing on medication.  It is therefore very important that this be done very very slowly over a period of about a year or so under supervision of a qualified specialist. 

It will be interesting to see how things go with my daughter at the specialist hospital – it is good to have this knowledge in mind as the teams are often dismissive towards carers/families.


I am hoping that my younger daughter will film “Fluffy” as I will put him on You Tube and I am sure that any films of him will attract more attention than whatever I write but I think that everyone should be aware of what is going on and if this draws attention to my website then I will be happy.  

Having a pet – cat or dog is very good for someone who is suffering from the effects of mental illness – in fact it is more beneficial than all the drugs in the world and I have seen this at first hand.


I wish to draw people to the website of the Soteria Group who are trying to set up  Alternative Care in this country.   There is some interesting research done by a Mr Robert Whittaker.


It is shocking to hear these psychiatrists getting one thing after the other wrong on the dvd I have – I have asked for scientific evidence from Elizabeth’s Psychiatrist – every time I question him he tries to move on and change the subject.   This expert appears to dismiss the diagnosis of another expert in the files and it is lucky I obtained them and even more lucky that I appointed a private Orthomolecular Psychiatrist myself as I have discovered the main thing on offer is just drugs and this is not the answer.


I cannot see a future for my daughter if she is left to be on these harmful chemicals that do not work and she will be placed in a specialist hospital miles away from the family.   


Now that I have seen an expert from this specialist hospital claims to have come up with a diagnosis in just 2 minutes you can be sure I will be keeping an eye on what is going on.  I only wish I could have seen these dvds earlier and now I am looking into other research by experts in the States too which may interest others.


I am sorry for the patients left to languish on wards and every ward should be like Cambion Four Star Wards.   I would urge everyone to look at their site as well.    This is how a ward should be !  especially as they value patient involvement and patients know best.

I will write about Mother’s Day tomorrow and hope that my younger daughter will take some good films for me.




I do not normally post anything mid-week on this site but today managed to speak to the Consultant currently in charge of the care of my daughter.

The Consultant is convinced in the diagnosis given by the team – yet there is conflict of opinion from another specialist.   The Consultant believes in drugging patients with harmful medication even if it is against their wishes.    I asked him on what scientific evidence did he base his opinion on the current diagnosis and he could not answer this question and tried to change the subject. 


There is still no news as regards the transfer to the specialist hospital and it could take weeks –  what a waste!   In the meantime she is being drugged up to her neck on harmful chemicals and I am not at all happy about this.   There is no reason why this should be occurring against a patient’s wish – this is abuse!     They do not care –  it is far easier to keep someone on the drugs than take them off which can take up to a year to be done safely.  


I offered to lend the doctor my dvd I obtained from the CCHR but he declined.  


I requested he liaise with the private psychiatrist I appointed who gave a fabulous prescription of vitamin/mineral supplements.   He is an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist and I suggested that he should look into becoming an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist himself – this should be provided within the NHS.  This is what is lacking – drugs after drugs – that is all that is on offer.  It is apalling care and abuse.


How can a psychiatrist see what is in someone’s head –  how do they come to their conclusions.   There are over 400 diagnoses to choose from in the Diagnosis Statistical Manual and there is big money to be made in having patients for life. 


Noone cares about these patients who are vulnerable and not able to speak up for themselves – they are just dumped on an acute ward where they do not get better and return time and time again.  


One patient said “everything is plastic here”   I know what she means. 


The atmosphere is not peaceful –  it is noisy – the patients are often distressed.  


During the day things are orderly but it is at night time when you get to see what is really going on.   There is nothing to do on the ward at weekends.  This is no place to get better and the same patients return time and time again.


I am going to talk at the weekend all about how wards should be and the fabulous Cambian 4 Star Wards.  

As far as the NHS care goes they have failed my daughter.   What good is one specialist hospital – how can that serve everyone who needs alternative treatment.   Everyone is an individual.  The care is simply NOT WORKING.   I am greatly in favour of the NHS reforms as far as mental health care goes.   The patients should have a say like they do in the running of the wards at Cambian 4 Star Wards where they are made to feel useful and make valuable contributions in terms of their ideas of improvement.  Patients are valued and feel special on Cambian 4 Star Wards whereas they are made to feel like nothing under the local mental health trust.


It looks unlikely there will  be good news about her transfer this week and how much longer is this going to take thanks to the team’s mistakes.      

One thing is for sure the medication Seroquel is the cause of hallucinations, the very effects/symptoms of Schizophrenia which my daughter did not suffer form in the first instance.  It causes terrible panic attacks, nightmares, weight gain, aggression, tiredness and these are just a few things.   I have written several times but the FDA has done nothing!  This drug should be banned.    Medication is not the answer and there needs to be something better in place like CBT.

Above are some useful links to other websites which will be interesting to carers/patients alike.  


Starwards are the fabulous wards that are geared towards individual patients, which are funded by the NHS but this is generally not well known.  This was refused to my daughter yet I found out that others were offered this facility.


Revelations UK is a fabulous website set up by a mother in support of her daughter.   I would fully recommend anyone looks at this.


The CCHR is gaining more and more recognition as a leading mental health watchdog.   Thank goodness for them as I trusted these so called professionals before and now I know the truth.  They supplied to me the most informative dvds That I would recommend anyone sees.  You only  have to look at the title of my post to see what these experts have in mind.  Not all are like this  because I managed to find an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist but I believe the majority driven by prescribiing harmful chemicals that do not work for some at all.  Four diagnoses in the file point to the fact they do not know what they are talking about.

Soteria is a group trying to set up Alternative care which is much needed in this country.  Patients have the right to have choice in care but there is none at persent – all too often they are kept down and ignored.     I would like to see ternative care centres set up in this country.



Today it was nice weather so this morning I decided to go to a Farmer’s Market which was very nice.   The Farmers Market on Sundays is held in a beautiful location and there was much choice in good good to buy.   I then came home, got on with a few chores before writing a letter to the Doctor on behalf of my daughter.   Every week I am chasing for the place at the leading hospital that they promised .   This week they are supposed to chase up this appointment and I will make sure this is done.   This doctor should be liaising with the specialist I appointed to see how best they can reduce my daughter right now.   


I went to visit her – she was not herself at all today and the ward was noisy and there was commotion going on with a patient who was very upset at not being allowed out and wanting to smoke.  This noisy environment is not the place to get better and the treatment is drugs and nothing much else.   There is no garden to sit out and nothing to do at weekends.


I am allowed to take her off the ward so I did even though she was not well but took her to a quiet and lovely park with beautiful views not far away from where I live.    By this time she had calmed down.   I then bought lunch for my daughter and we went to a lovely pub down many country lanes where there were animals and she loves animals.  


I have started to film the pet kitten who is called Fluffy and will feature clips of films on You Tube shortly.


Unfortunately my daughter was not well enough to write herself this week but she has written things in the past and I will ask her permission to feature this next week.


Next week I will speak more about the shocking care  and then I will write about care in the community. 



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