Under mental health care, physical health is so often overlooked.  If there are any doubts or conflict of opinion as to diagnoses everyone sticks together.  Suddenly the team have dropped the term “chronic treatment resistant” for Elizabeth but they like to stick with Schizophrenia and the family now know for sure this is incorrect.  When someone comes off a drug you find out as you get to hear all that has happened and if things have happened under “care” then I can why people like my daughter are drugged to the hilt.  I do not accept and never will that Elizabeth is mentally ill.

If it is proven that someone cannot metabolise the drugs or else that they have suffered injury as I have seen documented in the files, then this too is ignored.

Care plans can conveniently omit reports done by professionals for court and commissioned by the Local Mental Health Trust which dispute the diagnosis of Schizophrenia.

I am often asked what diagnoses does Elizabeth have like yesterday, whilst at the dentist and I give them all of the diagnoses mentioned as I do not dismiss what other professionals state, unlike the team.

Yesterday was not a relaxing day at all as Elizabeth had complained of bad toothache and  after two weeks of this, told me she had broken a tooth but had decided to keep this quiet for some reason.  Communication has never been easy for Elizabeth since she was a child.   Elizabeth would tend to avoid rather than deal with situations.  I had hoped this would just be a phase looking back to school days where there were occasions when she would play truant to avoid certain subjects.  Elizabeth has not told us everything but she was openly discussing painful issues whilst living at home.  At college looking back she struggled to attend exams/appointments and complete coursework but this was around the time when, unknown to me, her GP had prescribed Prozac which is a highly dangerous drug and now I understand her behaviour at the time now that I have accurate results from the worlds leading experts in Holland.

One of the diagnoses is Aspergers and there is nowhere in my local area at present  that gives diagnosis in this specialist area.   The very fact that there is any possibility after all this time since the report dated 2009 that a diagnosis is wrong I doubt anything will be fairly dealt with as no one will wish to admit any errors.

On hearing that Elizabeth was in pain with toothache, I telephoned 111 to try and get emergency help for her.  This was quite frustrating as they would not deal with me and insisted on speaking to Elizabeth who was not with me.  Elizabeth’s carer had taken her the other day to a dentist  who identified some problems that needed to be addressed but nothing could be dealt with yesterday apart from Xray.   It was a  nightmare yesterday as they wanted to speak not to me but to Elizabeth.  Eventually we got this appointment which meant travelling a fair distance.  I was not looking forward to this as Elizabeth can suffer from bouts of anxiety and agitation, all caused by the drug Abilify. She was never like this before and  Dr Moncrieff told me that this can cause agitation and anxiety.  It certainly does not work that is for sure.   I have to say for a pharmaceutical company, Otsuka have taken an interest in my complaint and have not been dismissive of the side effects/adverse reactions I reported unlike the FDA when I complained to them.  Otsuka even wrote to me again taking interest.  It is good that they are interested and they stated that this drug should only be given for a short term and is licensed for Bi Polar and Schizophrenia.  The question is why is the consultant psychiatrist not taking this on board when I have pointed out these facts.   Well Elizabeth has Aspergers and PTSD mentioned in the files which I cannot ignore but the only thing that has been changed is the tablet is now white, since I complained about the toxic red dye that causes tumours in mice and rats –  Elizabeth told us she wished this chemical to be reduced down to 5mg and this may reduce the anxiety as we never saw this when she was on nothing at home.

Anyway the journey to Central London was OK until we arrived and Elizabeth was clinging to me all the time stating she felt dizzy and had headaches.   She flatly refused to walk down the road leading to the Imperial Hospital due to a large crane situated along this road. I then had to get a cab who had to drive a long way round and when we arrived thanks to Westminster Council who had failed to update information, the post code we had been given was completely wrong.  By this time Elizabeth had had enough and wanted to go back home.  We had to walk around to try and find someone to give us directions. Eventually we arrived but still Elizabeth was still not happy and we had to wait for a while –  I was worried she would not go in.

There was a time when going out was easy and pleasant but now you do not know what to expect regarding Elizabeth and also sometimes she flatly refuses to go anywhere because it is just too much for her.

On these drugs Elizabeth has suffered severe side effects especially on Clozapine which psychiatrists see as some kind of wonder drug.  This drug is made from talc and aspartame and when I told the previous consultant psychiatrist  about this and “would he like his relative to be on this chemical” I received no answer.

Anyway, it now looks like Elizabeth will have to go into a dental hospital regarding her wisdom teeth eventually.

Dental care is just one area of physical health that is overlooked under mental health, the main concern being prescribing mind altering drugs.  If patients were offered endocrinology appointments this could avoid many falling under mental health care and that goes too for these P450 metabolising tests that only cost me £50.  If proper tests were given for Aspergers for instance then this could avoid shortage of beds under mental health as once identified those concerned could have proper treatment and that treatment may well not be huge quantities of mind altering drugs.  How can anyone get better with this treatment and it is no wonder the beds are overflowing.   Much can also be improved if more support was given to families in the community.   We had no support in two years and this was saving a lot of money rather than admission to care home or hospital.

Once on these mind altering drugs no one is willing to help take someone off them and there are no facilities to go in apart from illicit drugs.   In the file reports I can see certain psychiatrists recommend drugging for life yet this is clearly against drug manufacturer’s recommendations and detrimental to physical health.   What kind of doctors who are supposed to do no harm are they to recommend the long term drugging of patients at the expense of their physical health.



Elizabeth is now in a community scheme. The residents are very nice but my concerns are for Elizabeth because she is being forced to attend meeting after meeting – Safeguarding meetings which is against her wishes. She has not had one advocate present so far which is appalling. Nothing has been provided at all for her to do in all […]

via MESSAGE FROM ELIZABETH — Psychiatric Abuse UK

Elizabeth is now in a community scheme.   The residents are very nice but my concerns are for Elizabeth because she is being forced to attend meeting after meeting – Safeguarding meetings which is against her wishes.   She has not had one advocate present so far which is appalling.   Nothing has been provided at all for her to do in all this time just like at home.    I drew to the attention of the scheme manager today the fact that Elizabeth needs help with cooking and storage of food.  Just like in the other scheme I have had to throw lots of food away and I think that this is a health hazard and I bet no mention of this is being made at the safeguarding meetings.

In her own words this is what Elizabeth has to say about it:

“I’m getting lots of meetings.  I wish I didn’t have all those meetings.  I don’t want to go to meetings every week. I definitely don’t want meetings pushed at me.  I just want a night out and I was planning to go to the shops.”

Today I got a call from Elizabeth to ask me to come round as she wanted to go out shopping.  Today is Saturday not Sunday – that says it all.

“The social worker was not very nice considering I wasn’t feeling well.  She was asking me about things.”

“I was not very happy with this meeting.  I need my Mum – she is helping me.  I am not wishing to take part in any more meetings”

The above message was typed by someone else –  Elizabeth does not type.   I don’t know who has typed this but these are not Elizabeth’s words.

Dear Mum

I will be grateful if you can visit me once a week only on Sundays so that we go to church together and give me my allowance as well.  I will prefer you call before coming to visit me at ………………………..”

Yours faithfully”

The above words are not Elizabeth’s words – she would never use the word “allowance” for a start or say “I will prefer you call before coming to visit me”.

My carer who is now banned from the scheme because he made mention about the microwave oven not being healthy – he  also got a message from Elizabeth that she wanted him to visit in order that they could go out this evening.   This carer is like part of the family – someone we all trust 100% and has provided help in the absence of any assistance or care provided by ENFIELD mental health over a period of more than 2 years whilst Elizabeth was home and I would add it was her choice to come home as she was unhappy at the care home in Northampton.  It was only when I went to the Council’s Scrutiny Meeting that suddenly the Consultant Psychiatrist got in touch.  I accused the Councillors of not doing anything when I was trying to get the chemical Clozapine and I had to go to Harley Street in the end on the fourth day having been told that I would not get the drug anywhere not from any hospital in the local area and to get her back to the care home as they were paying for it.  I of course refused as I knew she would be sectioned as a matter of convenience and they were trying to arrange the funding for this – extra money for the taxpayer to pay out.  This was exactly what they were all planning and all the time I offered to drive all that way to pick up the chemicals.   So I presented the meeting with my story called “Get Her Back We Are Paying For That” to the Scrutiny meeting.

I have spoken to the wonderful organisation Liberty that I have joined as I would like all my carers to be applauded and highly recognised for their wonderful support in the absence of any care at all over the past years.   There are others too I would like to mention and say thanks to and hope I will be chosen.   It was good to see such a turnout at Liberty’s AGM and I was really impressed by their last award ceremony.   I would welcome the chance to talk openly about the state of mental health care in the UK and I am in touch with the most shocking cases of abuse in the UK.   How on earth can all this be allowed to go on in a so called civilised country and none of it appears in the press.

I remember previously at a hospital, (they made out it was Elizabeth’s decision for me not to be allowed on the ward or to phone at an allocated time)  I was allocated a slot to have a supervised phone call once a week but this happened to be at a time I could not ring.  All this time Elizabeth was in touch with me by text message and the letter was written by a manager there who once looked on the floor in shame when I asked what she had against me and so did one of the doctors when I asked why she had been prescribed Metformine and Clozapine which are contra indicated.   There have been so many instances like this where Elizabeth has been treated not like a person but like an object – a possession and her wishes disregarded altogether whilst a team will do everything they can to discredit you – the family – or family member as in my case and go behind your back making you out to be a terrible person, someone who is abusive, cruel, hostile, aggressive, suffering from mental illness you name it!  They even try to put words in the head of a vulnerable person putting pressure on that person and worse of all try to carry out a mental health assessment on you using your GP and accuse you of being mentally ill.    I suppose that would enhance their argument that you are not a fit mother and therefore should be banned.

I want to tell you all that I do not visit the scheme during the week daytime as I work.  I am not there every second of the day.   I am not there to “interfere” as they like to say.  It is the team who are putting words in Elizabeth’s head right now, excluding the family once again and having constant secret meetings behind everyone’s back.  They play on confidentiality and use a vulnerable person like a tool to get back at you when they dislike you and from what I see from the files they certainly dislike me a lot  but it is all wrong.  These professionals are publicly funded and there is absolutely NO accountability as no-one likes to admit if something is wrong or apologise to you about the treatment of the family and person cared for especially when very serious things have happened under their care.  They are truly above the law, protected and untouchable especially some doctors – mainly psychiatrists who are a law unto themselves.

I want to tell you that Elizabeth is very upset about all of this and does not like all their constant questioning as to whether she is being abused by me or worse.   Then they make up their sorry notes and even the past history is wrong in the files.    It is not just myself but others in the family who have complained and I have so many witnesses as many people helped me when the Clozapine had to be retitrated from scratch involving team members coming into my home twice a day reporting back to the Community Rehab Team.    Elizabeth has since told me she was “persuaded” or rather pushed to continue these distressing meetings and that there are  further meetings planned next week and she has felt forced to go along with this and is not at all happy understandably so.   Why is there no advocate present?  This is so very wrong and in itself abusive of a team of professionals as Elizabeth is finding all of this very upsetting.

Safeguarding seems to be  a once- sided exercise where a team question and question and question –  they put pressure on Elizabeth to say things against people in the family especially me who they don’t like and afterwards she feels very sorry that she may have said one or two things and all of this is being recorded in their files behind our backs.  At least I am saying things openly and honestly here.   We have most of the files to see for ourselves what goes on. This is not care this is abuse by professionals to force a vulnerable person against her family and if a whole gang of professionals say things against you as a mother for instance then it is all very biased and unfair. Who is going to believe someone who is just a mother.   So Elizabeth has attended a Safeguarding Meeting  where at least   I bet there are many professionals are in attendance and not one single advocate.    Not a fair situation at all.  At the Bethlem there were 9 at a meeting and Elizabeth often did not feel well enough to attend.  One of Elizabeth’s diagnoses is Aspergers and no one in Enfield wishes to let her have an assessment and the other diagnosis is PTSD.  I’ve got reports and other professionals are being ignored here.   Surely under the Equality Act 2010 Elizabeth has a right to be treated fairly and have an Advocate present.

I wish so much there was Open Dialogue in the local area as none of this would go on and openness and transparency which would mean I could trust the people are involved in the “care”  – but unfortunately there is nothing like this in ENFIELD.

I wish to express my thanks to the Court of Protection for acting fairly in the past not just for my daughter but for my father who had Alzheimers.  I kept him out of a home for many years and provided carers to look after him too.    Elizabeth was so terrified of going to Court.  They wanted to sever contact and deprive liberty and force her back to a care home hundreds of miles away where she had no food at the weekend.  All is written in the files.   £30 to manage on and if the money ran out they she had to go without.  Elizabeth was in bed at 6.00 pm –  what kind of care is this?

Tomorrow I am taking Elizabeth to church and I am going to tell every single church about all of this abuse.  Let God be the judge of them all as it is not my place to as they like to judge me.  I know that members of a team just go along with things as they have bills to pay and families to support –  I personally could not work in such a profession that likes to tear families apart and treats vulnerable people in the most despicable way.  They make out they know the family but they do not know anything about the family at all and there are so many mistakes in the files you would not believe it.











Gaslighting is an attempt of one person to overwrite another person’s reality. Yes I’m afraid this does go on – I would also use the word “brainwashing”.

I am sad to say they are at it again – the team of ENFIELD Mental Health are holding lots of “safeguarding” meetings.   A vulnerable person like Elizabeth should never be put under pressure to attend meeting after meeting with no advocate present. There should always be an advocate present.  All this is happening to my daughter Elizabeth right now as, unfortunately, she is in the “care” of a scheme run by Craegmoor part of the Priory Group.  She wanted to be independent but there are more restrictions than ever before and when you pay for a tenancy within reason you should not be under excessive control – it is more like RESTRICTIVE SUPPORTIVE HOUSING THAN SUPPORTIVE HOUSING.  The scheme is a small scheme situated  just down the road from where I live and consists of six people.     Sadly, when Elizabeth came out from Cygnet on 20mg (one of the most highly dangerous drugs Elizabeth has been on so far) this left her unstable.  Abilify, is manufactured by Otsuka and they sent me an email when I contacted them saying this drug is licensed for Schizophrenia and Bipolar only and should only be given for 12 weeks. Well what about the other diagnoses.  What about if Elizabeth has been misdiagnosed which we all think she has been.  Elizabeth has suffered an adverse reaction on this drug which I have had to report.     It is all down to drug metabolism and the problem is that  Elizabeth cannot metabolise the drugs – that is the problem.  She is multiply diagnosed.

Anyway, I am so concerned as to what is going on right now that I am going to post this to everyone and I want everyone to know which area I live and that is ENFIELD – an area where we have encountered bullying by a team “professionals”.  I am proud to stand up alone against this.  I told my daughter tonight nothing will ever turn me against her.  Not even the nastiest comments that appear in the files.  Other parents should be aware of this tactic by so called “professionals” who do not like you, who act in such a way so as to try to distance/sever contact between you and the person cared for  instead of work together with the family under Open Dialogue.

Sadly we as a family would have benefitted from joining the Open Dialogue UK that has just been put into effect from 4th May through NEL MH Trust but I feel that we have been discriminated against by NHS using “red tape” by saying that we already had a team in place  – well what team?    For the past two years I have had to employ my own team as we have had no care whatsoever.  Care should not be about pushing drug after drug at maximum levels without review.    All I wanted as a mother was to have my daughter on the minimal of drugs but now I can see why they put it up to maximum levels in the hope that this blots out someone’s memory –  no one in the local area would wish to hear that something serious happened under a scheme in the community to my daughter because of lack of supervision and weakened by enormous levels of drugs more than one serious incident has occurred under “care”

Elizabeth is now living in a smaller scheme in the community run by Craegmoor (part of the Priory Group).   In this current scheme it is really designed for someone who is able to stand on their own two feet.  The only thing that makes me happy about this scheme is the residents.  There is a woman there who acts like a mother figure thank God.  I never see staff downstairs but their duties are to take my daughter to the constant safeguarding meetings.  It is a pity that after all this time since her admission on 17 May that not one thing has been provided for her to do and neither was anything provided for over 2 years at home .  I had to provide things for her to do out of my own pocket.

Just to let you know the family currently have had an enormous complaint out against Social Services ENFIELD and this has been “dealt with” by the NHS’s Deputy Leader of Quality.   We are looking forward to another meeting as our complaint has not been properly answered.,

We have Power of Attorney not just myself but other family members not because we wish to control Elizabeth’s life but because we wish to provide for her one day.  She has come out of the system disabled.  Even walking up the road to get shopping is an ordeal for her.  It is a pity this team under ENFIELD have not signed up to  Open Dialogue. Naturally I have no trust in professionals in this Borough because of reading the shocking contents of the files which label me as being “mentally ill” whatever that is?  You can also see how the team tried to set up a MHA assessment for me  through my GP –  I was too busy to attend.  I work, I have a busy life and combine this with caring for my daughter.  I am not with my daughter 24/7 but this is a team who do not seem to care for my daughter and who know nothing about the family.   They just want to control.   They have got past history wrong.  All Elizabeth wishes for is that everyone works together and gets along but this is a team who play on confidentiality to save their own backs.  I am satisfied that I am correct in saying this,  having read so many nasty comments in the files.  There is no accountability.  Most people would not be allowed to get way with this kind of behaviour.

I am so concerned of the recent developments that I feel I should make it public.

At the latest safeguarding meeting Elizabeth told me this evening when I called round with a new chip for her phone she told me she was put under such pressure at the SAFEGUARDING meeting where she is constantly taken that she does not want to go to any other meetings and she was put under pressure by the care coordinator to say the following in a typed letter that Elizabeth would not have done herself as she does not type and these are not her words in any case:












Elizabeth told me tonight she was “put on the spot”

I have said to her that what if I cannot come on a Sunday.  She then told me that she was put under pressure by the care coordinator accompanied by a member of staff from Craegmoor.

Elizabeth had hand written  a letter to the staff member of CRAEGMOOR reading as follows:

Dear F…………. (not sure how to spell)



Elizabeth’s own words.  Take note team and especially care coordinator.


I think they may be trying to ban me and I will keep you all informed.  THIS IS NOT WHAT ELIZABETH WANTS AND NEITHER IS IT HELPFUL TO HER.

We have had all of this in the past from Cambian and now this is going on at Safeguarding Meetings and witnessed by a member from Craegmoor – how nasty can you get!   Elizabeth did not type this letter herself.  The wording is not coming from her.  If she did say once a week she was put under pressure and it is DISGUSTING THAT ENFIELD MENTAL HEALTH ALLOW THIS KIND OF THING TO GO ON.

So our complaint (not just mine by the way) is about the care coordinator who has failed to provide any “care” and neither have social services.  They prefer instead to work against the family trying to destroy us all like they have done in the past.   What kind of people are these who work in what should be a  “caring” profession?

I have had to complain recently about the lack of communication leading to Elizabeth being given wrong dosage of drugs at 20mg and not 10. Apparently the care coordinator based at Silver Street ENFIELD does not like to use emails and neither does the Consultant Psychiatrist but instead of sending a letter to Elizabeth they should have copied in the tam at the scheme.

Anyway back to the meeting today, Elizabeth was very upset as she had been put on the spot.  She is multiply diagnosed but I am currently challenging ENFIELD who just do not wish to pay for proper assessments, choosing to ignore the fact that Elizabeth is multiply diagnosed and I have been asking about this for some time now.  There is more than one diagnosis I can see in the files and Aspergers is one of them.   It is absolutely disgusting that ENFIELD do not wish to provide such assessments so I have contacted the National Autistic Society regarding this and I also feel that she suffers from PTSD.


When I visited tonight I asked Elizabeth what she had eaten.    “just a few chips”.   She is likely to go downhill and that is my one complaint.   The mistake in the dosage of medication I would put down to lack of communication from the team at Silver Street as they write letters and do not inform anyone.   If they had properly informed staff at the scheme then this would not have happened.

We as a family are cut out completely and I can see this is AGAINST NICE GUIDELINES.

I think that NICE Guidelines should be enforceable to some extent as it would appear that no notice is taken of them.

The manufacturers of Abilify state clearly no more than 12 weeks on the drug.  Elizabeth has been on this for much longer. and all they have done is change the toxic red dye drug of 10mg that causes tumours in mice and rats to a white tablet again of 10mg.

I feel that Elizabeth would be kept on this drug for life if she is left under that scheme.  At home the team did not wish to revise the drug Clozapine that caused her tongue to go to the back of her throat.

Anyway, it is a good job that I as a mother look into the ingredients of these chemicals thoroughly and am also constantly looking into where there is better care and guess what I HAVE FOUND IT!   I shall keep you all informed as I’m trying to get funding for this..   If it is a manufacturer’s guideline that you should only be on a chemical for 12 weeks as Inspector Brown would say “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON” – Sorry for pinching your title Inspector Brown but it is so appropriate for my honest blog.

At the weekend I enjoyed attending Liberty’s AGM.  I really hope I get chosen for my Award nominations  as this will give me a chance to discuss the most shocking abuse going on in the UK to MH and vulnerable people.   Yes, I am in touch with even worse cases.   Good to meet you all at LIBERTY and I support all of your campaigns.  I will be more than happy to help if I can.   I would also be prepared to be filmed and hopefully people will really take notice – there is more than one Winterbourne and I want to bring all this to the public’s attention.

When I called to see Elizabeth tonight she was feeling a bit low.  She can easily get agitated but Dr Joanna Moncrieff has explained to me to say that the drug Abilify is noted for causing Anxiety and Agitation and I remind myself that this is the drug and what it is doing,  not Elizabeth’s character and I said to her today that nothing would ever destroy things between us even if the team have prompted her to say nasty things.  I KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON TEAM –  PLEASE ALSO DO NOT TRY TO ARRANGE ANY MORE MHA ASSESSMENTS VIA MY GP.  I am seeing my GP tomorrow and I will tell him now that never will I attend such an assessment in a million years.  Someone who is a professional said to me that perhaps they should do an assessment on themselves and I could not agree more.

Other people in my family and my carers would like an apology for being called “aggressive” “hostile” –  I have been called a prolific complainant – they failed to name me as “vexatious” .      It is cowardly to label someone behind your back and I would welcome an open discussion with team members on TWITTER in front of everyone.

When I left tonight after seeing Elizabeth she was smiling and happy.   Elizabeth needs help at the moment but hopefully she will be able to get on with things herself one day.   –  there is nothing more controlling than a group of professionals who instead of providing help and support are holding SAFEGUARDING meetings no doubt for the purpose of cutting contact no doubt but now Elizabeth has written in her own words.  This is not a typed letter written by someone else – this is coming from her in handwriting and no way on earth could I have ever forced her to write it:

Dear F…………. (not sure how to spell)



If all that has been done was  meant to destroy the family I am afraid they have brought the family together –  this is because of all the nasty things that have been said for all to see in the files.

Tomorrow I am going to vote and hopefully take Elizabeth.  According to the letter it says every Sunday!   Just like at Cambian –  phone calls – restricted to once a week – not that I used to phone every night but at a time that I could not call anyway.     How very sad that a team of “Professionals” resort to this kind of behaviour and I understand that my emails have been called “annoying” by the care coordinator.  It could be because I know how to communicate effectively and the best way is to copy everyone in so that everyone knows what is going on.







Today I attended this meeting and took with me file papers – not all as I have huge quantities.

The whole treatment of my daughter Elizabeth and what brought her under services in the first place I hope will be a warning to others.  Those who do not know anything about mental health services and “care”.

It is incredibly easy to come under mental health services and be labelled yourself by a team of professionals who may not happen to like it if you dare to stand up to them and disagree like I have done.

As not one single complaint has been dealt with fairly and I have seen how such complaints are dealt with – internally by those same people who the complaint is about would you believe.  They investigate themselves.  Whereas other people in private sector firms are more likely to own up to anything that is wrong that is not the case under public sector mental health care whose professionals are above the law but not above God thankfully.  I definitely believe there is a God who gives me the strength to stand up against what I would call bullies.

I have read some disturbing things in the files about me that I am considered to be mentally ill and I have been told today that no way can these comments be retracted once they appear in the files however an amendment can be made.   This is one of my complaints that has not been dealt with by the Chief Executive.  I have just noticed that they wanted to do a MHA Assessment on me –  what on earth is going on!   Despite everything I keep going in my life such as it is and I am not on any drugs and because of my bad experience I would not wish to see any doctor other than my local GP.    So they were trying to arrange a MH Assessment on me through my former GP but I never heard anything about an appointment.

I showed the investigator loads of pages of comments and conversations between members of staff trying to call me a vexatious complainant but they could not and had to make do with prolific instead.  This is all so disturbing when like I say no complaints have been properly investigated.

I will tell you all now what my main complaint has been and that is the over-drugging of my daughter that has led to tachycardia and tardive dyskinesia.  She has had a very bad reaction to a drug recently and is now living in the community.  She is nearby to home but today I have had to write my concerns that medication has not been given correctly and was subsequently reduced – it was the higher dosage that caused terrible problems.  I feel justified in complaining that Elizabeth’s physical health has deteriorated due to enormous amounts of concomitantly prescribed drugs.  Imagine being on 800mg of Quetiapine living in the community and expected to engage with staff – on this level of drugs how on earth can anyone function.

So the investigator told me that she could not discuss much with me as she did not have the consent –  this is something the team like to play on however I am more than happy to prove this is not the case at all legally and we as a family are all together despite the way professionals have tried to tear us apart and I can provide documentary proof legally.   My area is a prime example of where the system is completely wrong.  There is no transparency, there is no accountability or openness or honesty.   If my area adopted Open Dialogue then I would take a different view and there would be hope of better communication and fairness to all.   It is very harmful for someone like Elizabeth to be pulled in two directions by professionals who wish that person to choose between Mum and Dad or else have nothing to do with Mum because she is someone whom the team do not like.   When I took Elizabeth to see a leading Hypnotherapist in Harley Street she said it was “outrageous” what these professionals were doing.

The investigator said she would do the response in just two weeks but I did not have time to go through everything with her thoroughly and feel she needs to hear from the many witnesses who stepped in to help me in the absence of any care whatsoever over a period of more than two years.   However I made a point of saying that I would provide any proof she needed that I along with other family members do in fact have consent legally and in the meantime, I have told her to put her response on hold as otherwise such response is likely once again not to be satisfactory in covering the very serious point we discussed today that have NEVER EVER been addressed other than by the words “satisfactory” or “excellent care”.  I would say “far from it”    I showed the investigator the legal papers “Deprival of Medication – Community Care”  .   When I wanted to include some of my loyal carers this was not acceptable but there were many who wished to come along in support.    A meeting only last week was abruptly cancelled without any of us knowing and some people had come a long distance to support Elizabeth and were disappointed they could not attend.

With Bank Holiday coming up I just want to get right away from here.  I hope the weather will be nice as I want to get out of London.

I am seriously thinking of moving now to an area where open dialogue is up and running then perhaps we can be included rather than excluded and we could all be happy then.   Open dialogue done properly like in Finland is the way forward and Elizabeth was talking freely to the professionals from other areas, some of whom were in tears.  It is good to have openness and transparency.   I know there are some decent professionals out there who do care but there are also plenty who are extremely ruthless and uncaring who write very nasty things behind your back thinking you will never be able to get hold of those files but now all is revealed.

Other family members have moved away from my local area and I hope and pray that Elizabeth will get the opportunity to move to an area where she can be near to other family members and where professionals do not seek to sever contact, deprive liberty etc but behave in a decent and kind manner.





The message below was written by Dr Russell Rassaque as I was making enquiries whilst Elizabeth was in Cygnet Private Hospital.

” Our Open Dialogue service is not taking new local referrals and does not work in an in-patient setting yet either or with anyone on section. It’s just starting and we are slowly bringing it online step by step.

The best thing I can suggest is that from May 4th we will be taking new referrals from people outside our local area (anywhere in the UK outside our own boroughs in N,E, London). However, new patients will need to be referred through primary care after discharge from the local service. If you’d like to pursue this please can you email my colleague Cathy Thorley who will manage this new arm of the service on; Catherine.Thorley@nelft.nhs.uk

She will be able to discuss it with you in more detail and how to get referred (without moving – in fact, it help if you stay where you are). Hope that’s ok and, if all works out, perhaps seeing you after May of this year.

Wishing you all the best”

 You can imagine how overjoyed I was at hearing that open dialogue was being extended to include everyone and I would have been prepared to travel to the two locations that North East London hold meetings at.  I was overjoyed at the prospect of being able to have more frequent meetings but most of all that once transferred we would be working with professionals in an open and transparent way.  No more exclusion and playing on confidentiality/capacity but working together as a team.
I had been in touch with Cathy Thorley several times and found out that you have to go through your GP for this service and once Elizabeth was released we did just that.
Unfortunately I received a response from Cathy Thorley to say that we would not be considered to be suitable for transfer to this scheme as we already had a team involved of mental health professionals.    What a joke this is –  I told her that for the past two years + we had no support from local professionals in my area of ENFIELD MENTAL HEALTH – at least there was no one we could trust as we had seen all their nasty comments and what they were doing behind our backs.  How can you trust people like this and it is a pity that ENFIELD are an area that are not considering Open Dialogue as this could vastly improve everything in an area where care has failed.
So, disappointingly we are not considered suitable –  it would seem only a selective few would be considered suitable for Open Dialogue UK.  Not what I expected and we could have worked so well with professionals that we trust.   As Dr Bob Johnson says “Truth Trust and Consent”  – this is what is missing within the UK’s mental health system. It would seem that the only way you can be included in Open Dialogue UK is to move to another area where they are wishing to improve the failing system of mental health care and if every area was to adopt this attitude then there could be more success.
I know it is early days for this system of Open Dialogue and many professionals are stuck in the dark ages and not willing to move with the times – pity as when we were associated with being in crisis, I did not see things this way.  Elizabeth had come out from Cygnet, not on a section but was on a new drug Abilify and if we had seen psychiatrists from another area we have received fairer treatment.  I suppose it is all down to red tape and funding.
Much has happened since then and we had Elizabeth home for a month or so on 20mg Abilify but sadly she was not the same person any more.   Without a care plan or any help or support from professionals in my local area ENFIELD, I tried my best to find counselling but the kind of counselling I was trying to get for Elizabeth was completely overwhelmed with demand and there was a waiting list.  There was the problem of getting someone suffering from Agoraphobia to appointments and I was desperately thinking who could take her – planning to put one of the carers on my driving insurance as I work full time.
So much has happened, some of it too painful to write here but if we had received support rather than the approach we encountered from professionals the current situation would not have arisen as there needed to be extra assistance.    It seems like money is available to spend on private care providers who run supportive housing schemes rather than give a bit of help which would have been much cheaper to the family.   Housing benefit is not payable to a family so there is huge savings if someone remains at home but various providers apply for these benefits in order to provide their services.    Some are good – some are bad.  I look forward to reporting more as time goes on.
Elizabeth is now 29 and for the past month of being at home she was refusing to go out, was not feeling at all well on the drug Abilify at 20mg.  Sadly Elizabeth is not now living at home – the drug Abilify is a very highly dangerous drug and Elizabeth is a poor/non metaboliser of such drugs.  This has nothing to do with so called mental illness.   Elizabeth is not in hospital but in a scheme with others.  It is too early to comment on this scheme but already Elizabeth is not living so well under this scheme.  I have visited her a few times and seen that diet is slipping, others smoke and basically it seems like they are left to get on with it.   Like I say,it is too early to comment but there is not many young people there at this scheme and that is something that Elizabeth wanted I know for a fact.   I am paying for private psychotherapy as nothing is provided.
Anyway, we have a meeting on the 24th and it is not just me who will be complaining at everything that has happened over the past years. I also will hopefully meet someone else that same day – someone who has come over from America and has a tight schedule but has agreed to see me.  Cant wait to meet her and hope that something good arises out of this meeting.
The kind of care most parents would like to see is emphasis on healthy living.  Diet is so important but not enough support is being given for people like Elizabeth to cook healthy meals and they are instead left to buy takeaways or smoke for instance.  Environment is so important and a natural environment with alternative therapy available and counselling/psychotherapy- one to one support for those that have come straight from hospital instead of just being left to get on with it and ending up back on the wards.  Peer support and inclusion, open dialogue.  A team of professionals who work with not against you and who are open and honest in their approach.   If only we had something like this in the UK but unfortunately that has not been our experience so far.
I hope projects like Chy_Sawel and similar can be set up and I am looking forward to this important meeting to take place on the same day as the hospital meeting.  Finally, Enfield Mental Health are looking at our complaints externally and I am bringing with me the shocking files.   I would be most surprised if anyone could get away with saying SATISFACTORY OR EXCELLENT CARE after reading the contents and comments therein.







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